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The true spiritual path is the relationship  you have with yourself.  Our qualified meditation instructors teach you how meditating and the associated benefits can easily be integrated into creating the life you want for yourself.  From inner peace to focused consciousness, we all have the ability to access unlimited potentiality.

6 Levels to Freedom

1. Awareness 

2. Growth

3. Healing

4. Clarity

5. Integration

6. Meditation Teacher Path

Mindful Meditation

2 Weeks Unlimited $25 first time
$10 First Class 

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This week's theme: Innocence & Guilt

  • Overcoming Guilt

    Do you feel guilty when you want to do something for yourself? Do you have difficulty asking , receiving, or accepting help from others?  Chances are you have  learned a pattern …
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    Delicious Chai Tea Recipes

    Nothing is more delightful than a warm cup of autumn inspired tea with cinnamon and spices to calm your soul. Perfect for those tranquil meditations and sharing with friends as you …
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  • Be Happy – learn to meditate

    Join for an inspiring 7 week series that will change your perspective of life!

    Level I Meditation
    – Spirit Awareness 
    with Regina

    Tuesdays 7:15-8:45 pm
    Nov. 18 – Dec. 30, 2014
    7 week series – $245
    $196 Early Bird Nov. 4, 2014 

    Level I Meditation
    – Spirit Awareness 
    with Cheryl

    Mondays 7:30-9 PM
    Jan. 12 – Mar. 2, 2015, no class Feb. 9
    7 week series – $245
    $196 Early Bird Dec. 29, 2014