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We believe meditation is the mindful path to happiness.

“Today is the day to let go of things that no longer serve you”
Katrina Mayer


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This week's theme: Gratitude

  • Healing Depression Meditation

    Mindful Meditation for Healing Depression   Depression is a natural response to loss and change. But sometimes we have unexpected low feelings that leave us feeling lonely, isolated, and unloved. …
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    5 Myths of Meditation

     1.  Meditation is a spiritual or religious practice. Meditation is a practice that supports us to enter stillness from within, to transcend the chattering mind and experience silence, stillness and …
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    The Positive Side of Anxiety

    You already know you experience anxiety and may even consider yourself as  ‘suffering’ from anxiety.  Anxiety comes in many forms, and at times can be crippling.  We are talking about …
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