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Fall Equinox Meditation
Thu. 7:30 pm
Sept. 21
$20 each or use your OMYO Pass


Menopause Muse

Meditation & Herbology Playshop
Sunday 1-3:30 pm
Sept. 24, 2017
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Awaken to a higher level
of consciousness…

The Power of Awareness
level 1 meditation

Sun. 1-2:45 pm Oct. 26-Dec. 3, 2017 Sign Me UP

This week's theme: Focus & Centering

  • Weekly Themes

    Every week we bring you a theme to create awareness and wholeness. We’d love for you to come to any of our OMYO classes where our certified teachers integrate that …
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  • Sleep. Relaxation Meditation

    Mondays 8:30 pm

    Drop in’s Welcome

    Ambient lighting, soft music combined with a guided meditation for deep relaxation encourages surrender into tranquil slumber.

  • Meditation Courses

    Our meditation courses teach you mindful techniques to create the life you want for yourself.

    Start with The Power of Awareness – 6 week series

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