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Welcome to Veracis Meditation

Covid changed all our lives forever.  It is bringing forth compassion, kindness and caring, as well as uncertainty and fear.  You are not alone.  With a set of tools and support you can be serene and calm with focused clarity. Get Started by joining us at our weekly meditation classes designed for beginners and experienced alike. Veracis Meditation offers inspiration for balanced health and well-being through lessons and ongoing spiritual support.  Not all days are sunny, but you are the reason there is light in the world.


The class size was just right, allowing exactly the right amount of time for each of us to learn, share and grow. I learned simple practical tools to use for meditating, and throughout the day to create inner peace.
~ Kelly (The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation)


“My second time here and this journey has been just as magical as last time in a different way. Before I come I do think of the cost but once here there is no price tag that one can put on this experience. I felt very safe, secure and loved here which makes me feel more open to my own vulnerabilities. It doesn’t matter here as it is safe and there is no judgment; rather it is encouraged and embraced whatever our journey and healing looks like. “ ~ Jen D (Summer Retreat)


"I was blown away with my intuitive reading and healing that you so adeptly gave me. You are a master of your skill! I am so grateful for coming to your center and continue to benefit,mentally and physically!"  ~ Sheila (Package: Intuitive Reading Healing)


Veracis Weekly Insights | Blog

“When you surrender your problems to the flow of life…
Solutions spontaneously come.”