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We educate and empower you to create and live a mindful life.

Created by Certified Meditation Teacher, Regina Kaiser, to educate, guide, support and empower you spiritually to live a healthy, happy life. Choose the classes you need right now or sign up for access to a variety of classes value priced in Total Serenity Membership.

“When you surrender your problems to the flow of life, solutions spontaneously come.”


"“Learn about yourself and how to manage your emotions, energy and relationships, using meditation as a powerful tool for transformation. Well thought out program. Kind. Gentle. Effective.” ~ Susan 

"I absolutely LOVE the meditation libraries! I can’t always attend the live classes so it’s great that not only am I able to listen to a recording of the weekly classes, but I also have access to the full meditation library! It has been so easy to add meditation to my life and I honestly look forward to listening to the recordings at the end of my day! And if there is something specific I’m struggling with, there is most likely a recording in the meditation library to help! I can't say enough good things about Regina and the new online meditation classes!"
~ Lisa (Total Serenity Membership)

The class size was just right, allowing exactly the right amount of time for each of us to learn, share and grow. I learned simple practical tools to use for meditating, and throughout the day to create inner peace.
~ Kelly (The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation)