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“When you surrender your problems to the flow of life, solutions spontaneously come.”

Join us Sundays 10-11 am in February 2024 for Free Meditations
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We offer so much more than a mindful meditation practice. Our lessons and meditations guide you on a journey of self-discovery as spirit first. Founded in 2000 by Regina Kaiser,  our team of certified instructors has assisted thousands of individuals, like you, to create and live life as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

Maintain a balanced life and immerse yourself in a weekend of self-caring at our annual meditation retreats, and/or book yourself an intuitive reading/healing. With more than twenty years professional experience, you can rest assured the services you select are grounded in truth, trust and wisdom.

AromaSpirit Botanics

Bringing the essence of Spirit into your life with 100% natural products

AromaSpirit Botanics are all-natural, bringing the essence of spirit and meditation into your life

As a Certified Aromatherapist, Regina Kaiser integrates Spirit plant medicine into all-natural, synthetic free, products created by hand, in small batches. She intentionally connects with the essence of plants when creating products.  Located in Lone Butte, British Columbia, products are available for local pick-up and online shipped orders.  View products