Beginner Yoga Classes


You know yoga is good for you…
but you’re not sure you’re quite ready for it

It’s true. Some yoga classes can be quite intimidating!
And you’re not the only one who feels that way.

That’s why OUR yoga classes are designed for beginners.

We want you to feel comfortable – and reap the benefits of doing yoga… gently.

beginner yoga classes port moody

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?  You...

    • worry you’re not flexible enough
    • believe you have to be thin and young, and you’re neither…
    • are afraid you’ll do it all wrong, right next to others who do it perfectly.
    • Feel uncomfortable & that you can’t keep up in those big classes


We have the yoga class just for you!

We understand bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and they all benefit from yoga. And if yours doesn’t bend and twist easily, no problem!

Discover our beginner yoga classes, with small groups of fellow beginners and friendly teachers who provide specific “newbie” directions. Find out how quickly and easily yoga can become part of your life. Comfortably!


Beginner Yoga is Perfect for you when you…

  • are new to yoga or don’t feel comfortable with “regular” classes
  • prefer smaller, intimate class settings with
    – step by step beginner instructions
    –  personalized support with a patient, certified instructor
  • want to learn to do yoga safely, with proper pose alignment and proper breathing
  • would like to explore different kinds of yoga so you know which one is best for you (Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga)
  • feel young at heart and want to live a healthy life
  • are ready to relax and feel AWESOME!

In just four weeks, you’ll grow your confidence and experience to join in any of our drop-in yoga classes.

Sign up for the next Beginner Yoga series and feel more alive, flexible and peaceful …in less than a month!

Monday 5:30-6:45 pm 
May 28 – June 18, 2018

$69 +gst

If this is your first time visiting us, you’ll need to create an account with our on line scheduler.  It won’t take long and you’ll be able to book, reserve and pay from your secure account any time. If you already have an account use your password. If you need help, give us a call. 604.461.5511

beginner yoga classes with Jutta

Jutta, Certified Yoga Instructor

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