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New Beginnings & letting go

Spiritual Growth

Before we begin something new, we must let go of something old.  If we never let go of anything we become stagnant and full, depressed.  We keep adding without releasing.  Consider how quickly your closet fills up when you never remove anything!

But don’t be hard on yourself.  If letting go was easy then you would do it more often. Nothing is more frustrating than when someone says ‘just let it go”.  We would have done that already if it was that simple.  At some level we struggle to let go because we are afraid. A need within our soul has not been met so we hang on hoping to find answers.  But ego creates a false sense of stability and identity by hanging on. It attaches itself to the story until one day we wake up and we realize something needs to change within ourselves. We recognize we have been blaming other people or circumstances for our own attachments. We are awakened to realize our thoughts and emotions can be transformed into a new beginning by letting go.

Letting go becomes easier in the presence of a certified meditation and/or yoga teacher.  Take the first step letting go as Spirit First and to creating a new beginning at OMYO!   Regina Kaiser


Living in Harmony

This week’s OMYO Theme is HARMONY

When we are balanced and harmonious we experience unity and connection.

Sound helps us harmonize as we are soothed and comforted to relax.
Sound helps create the pathway to arrive at a place of stillness.

This week we use Tibetan singing bowls, a Kindred Spirit Drum, rain stick, tingsha, and other instruments to create inner harmony at OMYO – Ongoing Meditation & Yoga Classes.

Affirmations for Anxiety

I am Safe.  I am Loved. 
Finding ways to manage your anxiety becomes promising when you learn to breathe mindfully and invite in trust and calm.  With practice and patience the breath reassures your body, mind, and soul and reinstates trust to create contentment, ease and calmness.
When you feel threatened you become anxious.  Memories from childhood can affect how you feel today.  Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event causes anxiety. That event could be a few days or years ago.  It affects everyone differently.  Symptoms of anxiety are wide ranging from minor to panic attacks.
This week at OMYO, ongoing meditation & yoga classes we explore ways to manage anxiety so you can enjoy renewed trust and inner peace.

Acceptance & Freedom

Acceptance & Freedom

Self acceptance is to embrace your situation for what it is. When you are experiencing guilt, you are tuning into a part of yourself that is not in agreement with something.   Emotionally you will “feel” like there is something wrong. This is commonly experienced in the second energy centre.   You may feel like you have ‘done’ something wrong which is commonly experienced in the third energy centre.

Acceptance begins with acknowledging what and how you are feeling. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • “what am I feeling physically, emotionally, mentally?”
  • “Is this rational?”
  • “Have I done something that is not in alignment with my own values?”
  • “Are my thoughts bringing me inner peace”

Article by Regina Kaiser

How to Be CALM

Calm is experienced as peaceful, quiet, with no irritation, anger, anxiety or inner noise.

Learning to manage your energy by acknowledging ALL your emotions creates a strong platform for calm.  That’s because when you don’t honour your emotional needs, you build up energy which is anything but calm.  This creates anxiety and an uncomfortable feeling.  

You can start being calm by using creative visualization such as a still lake or peaceful nature scene.  Your breath deepens and you’ll start feeling calmer.  This will take about 3 minutes.  Then as memories arise that have caused you anxiety or anger in the past, allow yourself to notice where in your body you are holding this energy.  With calm intention, ask your body what it needs.  Listen calmly.

Being Calm Begins Within.

Calm ripples through our own energy system into our relationships and the universe.