Free Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation for Physical Healing

Listen. Heal

Find a quiet place.  Turn on some soft music.  Settle into a comfortable chair.
This guided meditation was recorded to bring support for physical and emotional healing for everyone, especially those receiving medical treatment.

Meditation for Patience

Free guided meditations are contributed by Regina Kaiser to bring meditation into your life.  Please support our karma by sharing this information with family friends and on social media.  Thank you!

This guided meditation will help settle down any inner turmoil you are experiencing.  Listen and Be Well!  Regina

When we are patient we feel stable and trust. We let go of our attachment to a desired outcome by cultivating trust. With patience we accept that we are part of a bigger picture and that our schedule may be different from our spiritual schedule.  Practice trust and faith…I trust.

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Meditation for Joy

In this meditation we use the intention of joy to create inner peace.

Joy lives is small places.
Joy is knowing you do not have all the answers.

No matter what you are experiencing your core essence is made of love and joy. Choose JOY.
Light, Laughter and Love, Regina

Grounding Change

You like to feel stable, flexible and safe. You make decisions to ensure you are physically, financially  and emotionally secure.  You come to believe these mean you are well grounded.  There is some truth to this, but your grounding may be supporting resistance to change, as you are fearful of losing control.

As you open your heart and mind, you become aware of how change affects you personally.  Some change feels like it is a relief.  Most change feels disruptive and unsteady.

Learn to be stable and flexible with change and life.  Grounding supports you in being steady and focused, while manifesting your desires.  Nurture Spirit first…come meditate with us.

Enjoy this guided free meditation exploring grounding through meditation.

Healing Depression Meditation

Mindful Meditation for Healing Depression


Depression is a natural response to loss and change. But sometimes we have unexpected low feelings that leave us feeling lonely, isolated, and unloved.  This guided mindful meditation is intended to support you in finding your inner light of enthusiasm and hope.  Remember you have purpose and matter in ways that have not yet revealed themselves.  Focus on joy , light, and hope.   Light, Laughter and Love, Regina

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    When you surrender your problems to the flow of life…
    Solutions spontaneously come.

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