Insights: Heart & Head

Listen with Your Heart Ahhh…. how your heart can see and hear! It is not a secret that your heart is wise and strong beyond measure. The heart centre is located in the centre of the chest representing affinity with self and affinity with others. Your heart centre will be the first to hear and […]

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3 steps to reduce anxiety

Insights: 3 Steps to Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety during Covid Stress I’ve written and presented about anxiety in the past and find myself revisiting the topic regularly. It bring awareness back to creating inner peace and calm. This is especially true as covid numbers and uncertainty are rising.  I am drawn to reconnecting to this delicate topic. Here’s what I experience. […]

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Secret to Abundance

Insights: The Secret to Abundance

 The Secret to Abundance How do you see your current life? Do you see yourself in as lacking?  Please be honest with yourself. Abundance is to have more than you need. The opposite of abundance is scarcity and lack. The truth is we all experience both lack and abundance in different ways at different times […]

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how to be happy

Insights: 5 Happiness Factors

How to Be Happy The quest for happiness is a deep seated desire to always feel good.  We know it is not possible to be happy all the time as life brings us ups and downs that invoke a range of emotions from sadness and anger to enthusiasm and happiness.  There are other factors to […]

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Insights: Creative Spirit

Express your Creative Soul There is always time to be creative. But when things get serious it literally weighs down the soul making it difficult to express creativity. The fifth chakra, located at the throat represents Creative Expression. Luckily, by cleansing and balancing this centre you open the communication channels between the heart and head. […]

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happy, sunflower, fall

Insights: Staying Inspired

Staying Happy and Inspired Fall is here and it’s the perfect time to turn up your inner light and keep your energy bright. As the days get shorter and darker, cooler and wetter, it becomes even more important to be inspired and inspire others. Since the spring equinox in March we’ve all been through a […]

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how to clear anger

Insights: Anger for Positive Change

Insights: Can Anger Heal? It’s hard to imagine using anger for positive healing. Anger has a reputation for being negative because most of us have memories of being on the receiving end of anger, or having lashed out only to feel regretful and awful. Or both! Anger comes in different forms and leaves you feeling […]

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Buddhist Prayer Kindness

Insights: How to Heal Loss

Healing Loss It may come as a surprise but it is likely your stress is more about how you are quietly healing loss. times of uncertainty there is an underlying fear of loss. This heavy energy affects the decisions you are making and leads to more doubt, blame, anger and discomfort. You may start feeling […]

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fall equinox

Insights: Staying Flexible with Change

Become Flexible with Change Imagine yourself as a leaf on a tree. You’re absorbing sunlight, creating oxygen, creating shade and food. But suddenly there is change. The temperature is cooler and wetter and you sense a shift on the horizon. You have reached a point of awareness when you know intuitively there is change on […]

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back to school, stress, positive

Insights: Back to School Stress Relief

Staying Positive for Back to School The September morning air is crisper and the daylight hours are starting to get shorter. Depending on where you grew up it may bring back memories of going back to school and getting back to the basics. With summer vacation over teachers, parents and kids prepare for another school […]

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