Centered Consciousness



Let’s explore the benefits of centered consciousness.   You may identify centering  as being the same as focused.  While they sound similar, the term focused generally refers to being centered in the mind, or analyzer, where you think.  However, being in the mind is not the same as being centered.

When you are lost in your thoughts, and un-centered, you run the risk of making decisions based on  random thoughts, or external needs. You are easily influenced by others and make buying decisions that you later regret.

By centering in the center of your head, you observe the mind and thoughts from the perspective of spirit (or witness) without losing yourself to them.

The most effective way to develop centered consciousness is through meditation and awareness.  Some meditation practices teach you to  leave your body.   Veracis Meditation™ teaches you to center in your body, in the center of your head, which is not in your mind.  By centering in your body, you become aware of yourself as a peaceful spirit in a human body – you are present.

How centered are you?

Centered: neutral, clear, non-judging, responding after listening

Un-Centered: spacey, unclear, judging, answering while listening  (interrupting)

The best way to develop spiritual consciousness is to learn through your experiences with awareness and centering.

  • When you’re un-centered, you’re easily influenced, by people, products, things, etc.
  • When you’re centered you’re in touch with your own highest information.


Written by Regina Kaiser – Veracis Meditation™