Guidelines for Sharing Veracis® Meditation

Share your spiritual journey with integrity.

It is not uncommon to want to share what you have learned through Veracis® Meditation with others.    We wish to encourage your enthusiasm and the spread of our vision making meditation accessible as you share the benefits of Veracis® Meditation.

Can I share what I learned through Veracis® Meditation ?

We want you feel comfortable sharing your personal spiritual journey, the meaning and results of practicing Veracis® Meditation, but we ask that you refrain from sharing the course content.

Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers (CVMT’s) have trained extensively to communicate the model of teachings in a reliable, consistent, safe, and accurate way, ensuring the integrity of Veracis® Meditation is protected.

CVMT’s are individuals who are dedicated to practicing the course content, have completed the Veracis® Meditation Teacher Training Program and have signed a teacher contract agreement.

May I share or reuse my notes, materials, and literature received through Veracis® Meditation classes, workshops, retreats or events?

Veracis® Meditation materials are copyrighted and we ask that you refrain from using materials without permission.

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