Professional & Meditation Teacher Training

Pre-requisite Exploring Chakras – level 4 Veracis® Meditation

Veracis® is committed to the vision of teaching people to use Veracis® Meditation in developing inner peace through consciousness and the self-healing process, thereby building healthy, peaceful relationships with self and others. A strong community of experienced and qualified teachers plays an important role in the manifesting of this goal.

Veracis® brings a unique perspective to individuals who want to become Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers. This process is different from most traditional training programs. For Veracis®, certification is the validation of a new teacher joining our community. It is not a permanent credential like a diploma, but needs be renewed each year to stay in effect. In essence, it is an annual renewal of your commitment to our organization and vision.

“If you want to learn something, read about it; if you want to understand something, write about it; if you want to master something – teach it.” Yoki Bhajan

Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers (CVMT’s) have completed 375 hours meditation training. They are aligned with Veracis® principles and code of ethics, and are committed to enhancing the well-being of their students, and clients by acting positively on their behalf and actively supporting their well-being.

Veracis® Meditation Teacher Training  is an intensive 175 hour program.  The program has 2 modules:

Professional & Teacher Training Modules

If you have competed Veracis® Meditation Course of studies level 5.4 Emerging Spirit and you wish to take your healing and reading skills to a professional level without continuing with teacher training then you can complete Module 1 -Theory.  Please request Application  interview with Regina.

Professional Training – -MODULE 1 -Theory  25 hours

Theory covers values, philosophies, ethics, alignment and training techniques used to establish a safe, respectful space with healthy professional relationships. The primary focus of this module is for you to align with a standard of values which may be applied to working as a professional. You’ll learn to give a guided Intro Veracis® Meditation that can be used to support others in private or group sessions.

Classes meet weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on the group.  You’ll be asked to complete home assignments and participate in hands on training in a supportive fun filled series.

Complete this module to gain a strong connection with others on a similar path, offer Professional one on one sessions, and continue with the Meditation Teacher Practicum if you wish.

For more information please contact Regina.

MODULE 2 – Practicum  150 hours – up to a year – details provided during interview.

Only individuals who are willing to make the necessary commitments to complete the program (module 2) need apply.

The Path to Veracis® Meditation Teacher Training has 5 stages:
  1. Completion of Veracis Advanced Meditation Level 1 – 5.4
  2. Application – 604.461.5511
  3. Acceptance Interview
  4. Commitment to complete the meditation teacher training program.
  5. Commitment to Veracis® philosophies, policies, and vision.
Application Request - Teacher Training
Your Commitment 

By the time you become a Certified Veracis® Meditation Teacher (CVMT) you will have acquired the following:

  • A strong foundation in Veracis® Meditation course of studies, demonstrated by your views of spirituality, social change, spiritual and personal growth, and by participating in a Veracis® community.
  • A deep understanding of Veracis® Meditation, and proficient teaching skills, as well as a willingness to continue to grow in all these areas.

As a Certified Veracis® Mediation Teacher (CVMT) you have the opportunity to teach Veracis® Meditation at Veracis® Meditation & Wellness Centre, your local community, and your workplace.  CVMT’s are aligned with Veracis® principles and code of ethics, and are committed to enhancing the well-being of their students, and clients by acting positively on their behalf and actively supporting their well-being.

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