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Classes can be taken as a single class, once or as often as you like, or reserved as a set.  Register to receive your zoom invite for a live streaming mindful experience from anywhere in the world.

Friends gather regularly from home or wherever they're at, to stay connected and supported, welcoming newcomers like you into a haven of safety and happiness. It's like you are in the studio with your favourite teacher and classmates, minus the commute knowing we are all safe.

It was so beautiful to be part of the meditation last night. Thank you for offering it. It was amazing to see so many people come together too and how seamless it worked. I’ll definitely be attending as much as I can. Though I meditate daily, there is something about the guided longer meditation that allows you to go deeper and look at what perhaps you have been avoiding. ” LJ



Meditation COURSES - Level 1 - The Power of Awareness Meditation




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