Holistic Healing

Energy healing has been used for centuries to improve well-being, from the inside out.  An energy healing integrates intuitive wisdom to balance your mind, body and soul. You do not need to be ill or have anything wrong with you to benefit from an energy healing which safely works in harmony with standard medical care.


TouchSpirit Energy Healing  
30 min. & 1 hr. sessions

Re-balance your energy flow so you feel revitalized and refreshed. Lying on a massage table fully clothed, you can relax as experienced healing hands cleanse your aura, support your grounding, and get your energy flowing through all your channels and chakras so you feel balanced, relaxed and clear.

The use of sacred herbal plant medicine (smudging sage), and essential oils may be used based on your personal needs.


  • Brief consultation before and after session
  • Private guided meditation
  • Energy healing & Chakra balancing
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Sessions help with:

  • Fatigue, lethargy & sluggishness
  • Sensitivity to other people
  • Fragmented energy
  • Spiritual intrusions
  • Healing a physical illness
  • Emotional stability
  • Cleansing & balancing chakras

” I really enjoyed the healing session, it was indeed a spiritual massage!! Best way to describe it!”

“I felt safe and calm. It was like someone held my spirit in my body as I healed myself”


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    When you surrender your problems to the flow of life…
    Solutions spontaneously come.

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