Intuitive Readings

We all have an inner guidance that gives us clear direction to create a happy and fulfilled life.  There are, however, times when we benefit from a gifted and caring intuitive to offer us support on our personal journey.

Intuitive Readings, sometimes called clairvoyant or psychic readings, provide information about the dynamics presently influencing your life so you understand yourself and life with greater clarity. Safe and positive in nature,  readings offer healing, understanding and meaningful direction, but do not give out advice or predict the future.
Sessions include a brief guided meditation, time for questions with personalized support.

“Just wanted to thank you for the spirit energy reading. Regina, you are a compassionate and intuitive reader. I can connect with a lot of what you said. Thanks again with helping me obtain additional “puzzle pieces”.” anonymous

Aura Reading – allow 45 min.
Your aura is filled with information that affects the decisions you make every day.  From feeling anxious, lethargic, and uncertain to excited and enthusiastic, these energies affect who and what you attract into your life.  Seen as events, thoughts, memories, and/or emotions, this information can provide you with a clearer understanding of the life lessons you are working through and how they relate to your strengths or limitations in making lifestyle choices.

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Spirit Rose Reading – allow 45 min.
The rose is an ancient symbol of unconditional love used to identify your current growth cycle and 3 of the past lives you are currently drawing upon. Past life readings allow you to understand why you feel the way you do in certain circumstances, or in relationship to others; offering insightful perspectives for you to consciously make any changes you decide are appropriate to your personal growth.

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Spirit Energy Reading Package  allow 75 min.

This combination of Aura & Spirit Rose Reading is the ultimate intuitive package. Includes a brief guided meditation, and support for you to align with your own highest integrity.
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“Thank you. I feel remarkably clear! Weird, but that is the best way to describe it!! I appreciate that you took the time to sit and listen and allow me to share my experiences with you, so that you could give me the insight I needed to hear although I may already have known!”

“It was wonderful to sit and listen to your wise words!”

“Absolutely LOVED every second with your amazing gift of vision and healing, Regina!!!”


I don’t know which reading is best for me – how do I decide?
We are happy to clarify your choices.  Please call or email us at 604.461.5511 or

Benefits of Energy Readings 

Definitions of Energy Reading


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