Regina Kaiser, integrative healer, intuitive, meditation coach

Holistic Sessions with Regina Kaiser

Certified Meditation Coach/Teacher, Integrative Energy Healer

Holistic  means ‘to treat the whole’. The answers to your well-being are inside you, often hidden in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Your needs are unique and it only takes a small shift in awareness to start moving in a healthy direction.  So contact me to discuss your options in gaining deeper meaning, wholeness and understanding in creating the life you want for yourself. We can discuss which session is best for you when we connect for a brief consultation.


Meditation Coaching & Private Meditation

Meditation Coaching is ideal when you are transitioning through changes in your life.  These include health concerns, relationships, career choices and/or if you  seek a more private session.  While moving through this phase of life you benefit from a private session just until you feel more stable.  Rather than avoid change, you learn to grow confidence and trust.  Another benefit is the guided meditations you receive which are just for you.

Private Meditation Classes are perfect if you find it difficult to attend a series or have missed a class in a series. Generally The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation can be completed in 4 sessions so take the next step to beginning within.

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Energy Healing

At times you may feel stressed, anxious and off balance.   Since everything begins on an energy level we can re-balance your energy flow so you feel revitalized and refreshed. While lying on a massage table fully clothed, you can relax as I use healing touch to cleanse your aura, support your grounding, and get your energy flowing through all your channels and chakras, so you align with your inner sense of calm.

Additionally, the use of sacred herbal plant medicine (smudging), and essential oils may be used to enhance your experience. This is based on your personal needs.

  • Brief consultation before and after session
  • Private guided meditation
  • Energy healing & Chakra balancing
  • Leave feeling balanced & whole

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Healing Massage

Your body holds energy in the form of tension that has built up from mental, emotional and physical stress.  Deeply relaxing, you can unwind your mind with a  gentle massage that integrates healing touch to encourage wholeness and a state of inner outer harmony so your mind centres on stillness and your body relaxes into heavenly bliss.

  • Consultation
  • Private Meditation
  • Head to Toe Massage
  • Lavender Essential Oil (you may choose scentless)
  • Healing Touch | Energy Balancing

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Intuitive Reading  

You have a natural ability to align with your own intuition.  But at times you may want the direction and support of a professional intuitive because you just can’t put your finger on what you nee.  So when you seek to understand what is hidden within your energy system and wish to align with your hearts desire, then set aside the time for this insightful session.


  • Consultation
  • Private Meditation
  • Spirit Energy Reading
    • Current Growth Cycle
    • 3 past lives & how they relate to you today
    • Layers of your Aura as they relate to your primary chakras.


“Just wanted to thank you for the spirit energy reading. Regina, you are a compassionate and intuitive reader. I can connect with a lot of what you said. Thanks again with helping me obtain additional “puzzle pieces”.” 

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Intuitive Reading/Healing Package

A very popular healing combination.  When you feel confused, isolated or alone it is likely your soul has become fragmented, trapped and your chakras (energy centres)  are congested. While you function in everyday life, there is a feeling something is missing. You may feel depressed, fatigued, and not quite yourself.

Deeply healing, this session includes an intuitive reading offered as a Past Life Reading or Aura Reading followed by an energy healing so you receive insightful information and balance your energy flow. Additionally, the use of sacred herbal plant medicine (smudging), may be used to enhance your experience.  Which intuitive reading you prefer will be determined in the consultation.

  • Consultation
  • Guided meditation
  • Intuitive Reading (aura or past life)
  • Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

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