Aura | Chakra Reading

Your aura is vibrant and filled with information that affects the decisions you make every day. From feeling anxious, lethargic, or uncertain to excited and enthusiastic, these energies affect who and what you attract into your life. Seen as events, thoughts, memories, and/or emotions, the information identified in your aura provides you with a clearer understanding of the life lessons you are working through, and how they relate to your strengths, fears or limitations in making lifestyle choices.

Care it taken to establish a safe space for both reader and recipient. Offered by a certified intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic. No advice is given.  Rather, direction to understand the reading is offered to allow you to make decisions in your own highest integrity.

Aura Reading Session includes:

  • Brief Consultation
  • Personalized Guided Meditation to set Intention
  • Identification of Seven Layers of your Aura as they relate to your primary chakras.
  • Questions and debrief

40 min. $97

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