Private Meditation Training | Coaching

Private Meditation

Private Meditations are offered by Certified Meditation Teacher  Regina Kaiser and are ideal when you are transitioning through changes in your life and seek a  one on one setting, rather than participate in our group courses or classes.

Life transitions include health concerns, loss, relationships, career choices, loneliness, emotional upsets, menopause, confusion and more.  Rather than avoid change, you are supported to grow confidence and trust.

While moving through any phase of life you may benefit from a private session just until you feel more stable.


Private Meditation Training with coaching is ideal if you find it difficult to regularly attend a course such as The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation and want to learn how to reduce stress in your life and improve well-being with one on one support. Based on your personal needs, the course could be completed in six, one hour sessions.

Book your private virtual session using zoom to receive a guided meditation and coaching session customized just for you.

1 hour Private Meditation|Coaching $125

3, one hour sessions $299