Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading

Past life readings provide vital information linked to who you are today. They can help you understand why you feel the way you do in certain circumstances or in relationship to other.

Three of your past life moments are identified to give you renewed perspective to make any changes you decide are appropriate to your personal growth here in the present moment.  Past life readings link you to who you are today. For example you may wonder why you continually create similar relationships with similar outcomes.

A past life reading helps you see the repeat karmic pattern.

Please note this is not a past life regression.  Instead, we focus on what you are drawing upon from your past life in the present moment today. No advice is given.  Rather, direction to understand the reading is offered to allow you to make decisions in your own highest integrity.

Past Life Reading  includes:

  • Brief Consultation
  • Guided Meditation to set Intention
  • Current growth cycle
  • 3 past lives and how they relate you your current reality
  • Q & A

1 hour $125

Offered by Regina Kaiser, Certified Intuitive/Psychic, Healer and Meditation Teacher

Psychic Reader Regina Kaiser

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