Spirit Energy|Intuitive Reading – Combo

This is a combination of an Aura & Past Life Reading, and one of our more popular sessions.

Offered by a certified intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic care it taken to establish a safe space for both you and the reader.  No advice is given.  Rather, direction to understand the reading is offered to allow you to make decisions that are in your own highest integrity.

“Just wanted to thank you for the spirit energy reading. Regina, you are a compassionate and intuitive reader. I can connect with a lot of what you said. Thanks again with helping me obtain additional “puzzle pieces”.” 


  • Brief Consultation
  • Personalized Guided Meditation to set Intention
  • Current Growth Cycle
  • 3 past lives & how they relate to you today
  • Layers of your aura as they relate to your primary chakras.
  • Questions and debrief

75 min. $147

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