About Our Centre

Feel your Inner Peace at Veracis®

We are a Meditation Centre in Port Moody BC offering a personalized approach to healing, linking meditation with yoga, holistic services and products. We’ve been around since 2000 helping men and women meditate, create inner peace and balanced wholeness. With a variety of classes, events, services, caring certified professionals, and a vibrant community, Veracis is your centre for aligning spirit with mind, body and soul.

We occupy two floors, with several rooms. Our main entrance is off Moody Street. Here you can browse through the Good Karma Gift Shop, book an appointment, register and sign in.  Walk through the french door and you enter our Spirit Spa where holistic services are offered.  At the end of the spa hall is the cypress room where meditation courses are offered.  Our studio, where yoga and ongoing meditation classes are offered is on the lower level with a separate entrance off Spring Street.

As a meditation centre we include meditation in all our classes and services. We believe meditation is more than sitting quietly with your eyes closed.  Meditation aligns you with your authentic purpose – who you are – what you want – how to create and enjoy life. Meditation Courses provide advanced personal and spiritual development for individuals that want to increase their consciousness with practical techniques while ongoing meditation classes offer guided support and may be used in combination with most yoga classes.

Our smaller studio allows us to offer yoga classes with fewer participants.  So, if you don’t like big crowded classes, or if you are new to yoga, then you will find our studio maximum of 9 to be the intimate setting you desire.  We welcome drop ins, but priority is given to individuals who have signed up in advance to reserve their spot. Cell phones are turned off and left in the locker room as we focus on creating a peaceful healing environment.

In keeping with balancing spirit with mind, body and soul, we offer holistic services designed to facilitate wholeness.  Our healing massage, energy balancing, and intuitive readings are safe and supportive, encouraging the self-healing process.


We believe spirit defines our core essence, intention, and integrity.

VERACIS, is latin, pronounced <Ver uh sees> and means truthful.

Our intention:

  • to educate and empower men and women to live in a world of harmony and free will.
  • to give you strategic tools to grow, heal and enjoy life
  • to encourage and support each individual to live their fullest potential.
  • to support the balance of spirit, mind, body and soul.
  • to nurture a community of healthy relationships.


July 2016 Front

Main Entrance – off Moody Street
Studio Entrance – off Spring Street


Veracis® believes community is the heart of wellness.

We are honoured to have offered our support for the following:

  • Ronald McDonald House – Ski Challenge 2015
  • Caulfield School of Dance
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital
  • Glenn Eagle Student Wellness 
  • Dress for Success
  • Coastal Sound Music
  • Crossroads Hospice
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation
  • School District 43 – Enchanted Program
  • Share Food Bank


Business Recognition

2014 Nominated for Spike Business Award Customer Service
2014 Regina Kaiser finalist in acclaimed WOW award
2013 Nominated for Spike Business Award
2012 Honourable mention Spike Business Award  Customer Service
2011 Winner of “Arts in Business” Spike business Award
2010 Finalist forr Spike Business Award Customer Service & Arts in Business

Featured on The Express, Shaw TV.
Editorial features in Look Magazine  &  Spa etc.