Meet Your Team

Regina Kaiser, Founding Owner

Regina Kaiser is founding creative director of Veracis® Meditation,Yoga & Wellness Centre in Port Moody, BC, one of the first non-religious meditation centres in the lower mainland.

Born in Vancouver, BC Regina Kaiser has always had a deep sense of knowing. A natural intuitive and creative visionary she integrates life experiences with natural health and healing, spirituality, meditation, writing, and mindful business development.

Inspired by the powerful benefits of meditating she created Veracis® Meditation Program an integration of eastern and western philosophies well suited for the busy western mind. What started as a home based business offering holistic therapies grew quickly to include ongoing and instructional meditation classes, yoga, retreats and a retail gift shop with a team of professionals who share Veracis’ vision to nurture Spirit First.  Regina offers advanced meditation classes, yoga, holistic services, and group presentations.  Additionally, she creates meditation recordings and writings that inspire, support and encourage self-empowerment.

Regina has two adult children and lives with her husband in Port Moody, BC

“My passion is nurturing spirit first through awareness and meditation; witnessing the transformation, and evolution of spiritual consciousness. As each of us finds our way to connecting with spirit and the self-healing process, to build healthy relationships with ourselves and others, we become whole and contribute to healing the world.”   Regina


Cheryl 2013 c

Cheryl, Meditation Teacher

My journey began when I realized I was missing balance. I worked in a demanding professional environment that required me to be at my peak. So my question was how do I sustain myself? For me, walking into Veracis was a gift. It never occurred to me at the time how truly great this gift would be. Life is always a blend of good things and difficult challenges. I can’t eliminate the challenges but I can choose how I respond to them.I found my balance and realized my peak is higher than I imagined – Veracis® Meditation has taught me this.

“As a Certified Veracis® Meditation Teacher I continue on my journey and have the pleasure of being a part of yours. ” Cheryl


Marian, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Healer

Marian completed her 200 hour level Yoga teacher training in 2009 and started teaching at Veracis the same year. Her Yoga teaching is complemented by a B.Sc in Kinesiology from SFU and certification as a Certified Veracis® Meditation Teacher. Although inspired by many styles of Yoga, Marian is drawn to the softer approaches such as gentle Hatha and restorative Yoga.

“I hope to share with others, some of the wisdom and joy that yoga has brought to my own life.  Join me in discovering a quiet, deeply relaxing experience that finishes with a cup of herbal tea as I share the journey of life through the sincerity and simplicity of yoga and meditation.”  Namaste.  Marian


MaureenMaureen, Meditation Teacher

Maureen has a long developed interest in personal development, having studied Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Meditation.
She found Veracis® Meditation in 2005 which opened the door to a new journey of self-awareness and healing. Maureen has been teaching Meditation classes since 2011.

“As our awareness of our Spirit grows we experience greater levels of authenticity, truth, and freedom.  Taking time each day to honour our Spirit and who we are at our core is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and those we love.”  Maureen


Nicole, Senior Therapist

Nicole, Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer

Nicole joined us as a certified meditation teacher in 2012. She discovered meditation in 2005 and used it to successfully balance her growing family with personal and spiritual growth.
Nicole was born in Northern British Columbia and from birth until her early teens lived in a log cabin on a cattle ranch located in the remote wilderness. From an early age Nicole has had an unique appreciation of nature and a passion for caring for the earth.

“Meditation as taught me the importance of self care and how powerful it is to connect with Spirit and heal from the inside out.”  Nicole


Qifei - Kundalini Yoga Instructor Port Moody

Qifei, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Qifei started practicing yoga for fun and tried a number of yoga classes before experiencing Kundalini Yoga. She had an instant connection in body, mind, and spirit while doing the breathing and mantra’s. Qifei completed her Kundalini studies in 2006, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a Certified international Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

“I am able to teach how Kundalini Yoga can help us develop our own awareness and observe the autonomy and technology behind Kundalini.” Qifei 


Skyla - Yoga Instructor

Skyla, Yoga Instructor

With an extensive background in dance and fitness Skyla’s first yoga class in 2011 was not as easy as she imagined. The true surprise was the sense of peace and joy she found. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires Skyla to live each moment more mindfully. She completed the 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training in 2016.

“I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me. I believe in a non-judgmental teaching style filled with love and a compassion-centered philosophy. My classes include reflective meditations, strength building flow, along with relaxing breathing exercises.  I am beyond excited to begin my teaching journey at Veracis, to witness hearts soften and eyes brighten. I didn’t find yoga, yoga found me, and I’m so happy it did!”  Skyla

Teresa McLellan, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Teresa graduated from the Adler University in Vancouver with a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology. She also completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Simon Fraser University and a Certificate in Substance Abuse Counselling from Vancouver Community College. Teresa has been working in the Mental Health & Addictions field for over 18 years and so has extensive experience working with men, women, youth and families who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger, addictions, trauma, relationships, parenting, and life transitions.
“I am passionate about wellness, wholeness and healing; I am committed to helping people overcome adversity, heal past traumas and live with purpose. ” Teresa


Tom, Yoga Instructor

Tom brings over 25 years of clinical counselling experience in non-profit, community mental health and private practice settings. He completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, and received 60 hour certification from Langara College — Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma, Resilience and Emotional Well-Being in Dec 2015.
He specializes in yoga for back care, and yin yoga.

“Yoga can be practiced by anyone. No pretzel-like contortions are required. All it takes is the willingness to move our body to Yoga poses with patience and commitment.” Tom


Jutta c2 vJuly 2016

Jutta, Yoga Instructor

With an extensive background in science Jutta applies her understanding of the logical and structural foundations in yoga poses to her guidance into safe and proper alignments. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016.
While Jutta is more drawn to gentler yoga, she continues to deepen her yoga practice through continued study in restorative, therapeutic and ‘late life’ yoga.

“It is my desire to share the positive and therapeutic benefits of yoga with others, the balance that yoga practice brings to your life, not only in physical strength and flexibility, but also in inner peace and greater mindfulness.”  Jutta

About our Teachers
Veracis® teachers and instructors are certified in their fields of expertise.

Meditation Teachers have completed more than 375 hours advanced in house training. They have been able to master the discipline of meditation without assistance with more than 3 years experience.  Taking classes with a Certified Veracis® Meditation Teacher is one of the best ways to learn how to meditate safely and efficiently. Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers wear the colour white as a symbol of purity, innocence, completion, wholeness and love.

Yoga Instructors have completed a minimum 200 hour certification program and are dedicated to integrating meditation and its benefits into every class.