“I highly recommend taking Veracis® Meditation classes – they will change your life!  At first I thought I would not be able to sit still long enough to meditate, but the time seemed to disappear as we were guided through the lessons both in meditation and through discussion. As a general rule I don’t do group things, and at first I was worried about sharing something personal, but the atmosphere was welcoming, respectful and non-invasive. It was easy to feel comfortable in the class.

The class size was just right, allowing exactly the right amount of time for each of us to learn, share and grow. I learned simple practical tools to use for meditating, and throughout the day to create inner peace. Now, when sitting in my car, I center, ground, define my aura, and make separations – all while I’m waiting for the light to change from red to green. When I get to where I’m going, I’m clear, focused, stable and present. ” Kelly

Meditation & Pregnancy

“We had our little bundle of joy. A beautiful baby boy. He has a wonderful energy about him. Very balanced and calm. I wanted to mention that through my labour this time, I used many of the meditation techniques I learned from you. It was amazing how much I was able to really let things move forward and work with the baby. I even found myself taking some time to meditate after the birth in the evening at the hospital once all the visitors left. It has been a wonderful journey and will continue. So thank you with all of my heart, as this whole experience has been truly unique and amazing. I look forward to the next meditation session.”


Meditation Classes

“I really enjoyed level one meditation. It sounds cliché, but it really has changed the way I view my life. Each morning, I feel like I have more control over how I am going to feel for that day. If I’ am grumpy, I feel like I have the power to change that by managing my energy.”

“I wanted to take the time to extend my sincere thank you for the wonderful journey I encountered through the meditation. I have had time to reflect and practice, and I find myself wondering how I lived without all of this.”

“An outstanding course of concepts and techniques to be incorporated into my spiritual journey immediately. Regina delivers experientially profound material. Thank You!”

“What a celebration! What a discovery of my self, love, compassion and the power to be, to choose & to do. All has been completely and utterly extraordinary. Thanks to you Regina for believing in me, for your unwavering dedication & integrity.”

“I want to thank you Regina, for all the lessons you have given us. I love that you know what we need to do to grow yet you help us discover this on our own. These are the qualities of a gifted parent, teacher and friend. Thank you for being all of these things to me throughout my journey. I aspire to do the same for others in my life!

“I have had time to reflect and practice,and I find myself wondering how I lived without all of this.”

“I hope everyone who sits in your classes is rewarded as much as I have been in the last year. I fully believe that without them, I would not be nearly as healthy and happy as I am today.”

“Regina’s classes have been a life changing experience, promoting my health and spirit growth. Just what I needed! Thanks”

“Regina is one superb human being…it was a privilege to be in her class”

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the clarity, intuition and calm that you have brought to my life!  I am sleeping well for the first time in close to 15 years without any medication.  A problem that I have had with my knees for the past four years is significantly better . I am working toward “being a peaceful spirit in a human body!”


Meditation Challenge

“The meditation Challenge was interesting. I am one for diving into challenges and completing the task fully.
I found myself at the beginning it was easy, the middle there was resistance – I struggled finding time or made other things a priority and everything else suffered in return. Then the last couple of weeks I just seemed to find myself meditating at times I normally wouldn’t. It seemed to flow easier and in return everything else seemed to follow.
I realized that most of my life is structured and scheduled and I let go of that at the end of the month. My meditation seems to flow so much easier now and I am finding other things are beginning to flow with ease. So thank you for this opportunity to explore and move me into a different direction.” Peace & Love,

Spirit Spa – Massage

“I want to thank you for the wonderful gift – today I went for the 2 hour massage with Regina. It was so relaxing & she is such a professional. The facilities are spotlessly clean & soothing, and the warmed table perfect. She mentioned you have yet to try their new special foam face pillow that is a real improvement over the other one. The sheets had that sunny wind & line dry scent so it reminded me of my grandma’s care. What was really special was how centered Regina was – no idle chit chat, she just worked on my knots with gentle ocean wave instrumentals going in the background. I always seem to have an epiphany during these sessions, ie letting go of difficult memories, so shed a couple of my nine lives quite cheerfully.

 Energy Reading
“Thank you for presenting the information to me in a way I could receive and understand it.  It’s exactly what I needed.”


TouchSpirit Healing
“I just wanted to say thank you once again for your time. I feel remarkably clear! Weird, but that is the best way to describe it!! I appreciate that you took the time to sit and listen and allow me to share my experiences with you, so that you could give me the insight I needed to hear although I may already have known!

It was wonderful to sit and listen to your wise words! I really enjoyed the healing session, it was indeed a spiritual massage!! Best way to describe it! All the best to you as well with your programs, you are perfect for your business!. Much thanks and appreciation.”



“Our instructor was the best. She is very nurturing, inviting and encouraging”
“This was a terrific experience. I thoroughly enjoyed all the company and energy of the class. See you in August!”
“[We] wanted a spiritually awakening… [and] wanted to try different types to know what they are like… this class nailed it!”

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