How does the Moon Affect You?

The super full moon this past weekend, June 23, 2013,called forth extra opportunities to heal emotionally.  You don’t need to follow astrology to be able to relate to the emotional dynamics linked to the moon.  Even when you are not aware of the full moon, you are likely to witness others who are affected by it, meaning you are indirectly affected. Generally speaking, during a full moon, we may notice people are more sensitive, irritated, or ‘not quite themselves’.

The moon is associated with water and emotions, and given the human body and the earth are made up primarily of water it is no surprise we feel a connection.  We are all affected the moon in some way. Notice too during this super full moon there were more floods throughout the world.

The moon represents our emotions and water. When the moon is closer to the earth as it just was  we experience a magnetic pull.  More floods, rain, and emotions.

Normally, once a month when the moon is full we may experience our emotions more deeply, unexpectedly and uncontrollably.   Many things may be coming at us all at once.  We may experience an explosion of unexpected feelings, have a meltdown, feel depressed (for no reason) or feel it is finally time to deal with things.   The universal plan is greater than our ego based self that believes ‘I am in control”.  It is all rather humbling while simultaneously supportive.

How could we be better prepared to respond to unexpected emotional shifts? 

We must accept the emotion we are feeling in the moment; realizing emotions are fleeting and can take over our lives if we let them. Emotions are too often linked to a past memory triggered by a current event, followed by a series of thoughts, and resurgence of old feelings.   Our emotions, thoughts and senses are a beautiful part of our human experience, and we have the capacity to simply ‘be’ with them, rather than owned by them.

Even when unexpected emotions, turmoil or change bombards us, we have a choice in how we can be with them. Hopefully we don’t push the feelings down again because they will resurface eventually – maybe the next full moon, or a year from now.

Instead of losing our emotional boundaries to a memory, or outside event (these include emotions, thoughts, senses) we must remember we are witnessing and experiencing ourselves as a peaceful spirit in a human body.  Spirit is infinite.  Stop and honour your meditation space.

Find the strength to feel your feelings with spiritual awareness and emotional boundaries, allowing yourself to align with your higher consciousness.

By Regina Kaiser