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Insights: Boundaries

Boundaries of Love

Have you ever wondered what it is about boundaries that makes them so hard to pin down?

How is it possible to be clear and confident in one area of your life and still find yourself feeling badly about something you did or didn’t do in another area of your life?

Boundaries are personal.

Maintaining clear boundaries of love means being able to adapt to life circumstances with loving kindness. From early childhood to adulthood, each of us learns to create, connect and relate. Some lessons teach us to become more open and some teach us to become more defined. All lessons bring awareness to our personal boundaries.

Are you a yes or no person?

  • Do you say YES to things you don’t really want to do?
  • Do you say NO automatically before considering a yes, or maybe?
  • If you say yes to things you don’t want to do, it likely means you don’t know how to say no gracefully.
  • If you say no automatically without considering a yes or maybe, then you are likely on automatic response.

Your internal programming can be a subconscious yes or no learned through your life experiences, and can even be inherited. It’s automatic. But it is fun to observe this behaviour within yourself when you do it because you know you can change.

Imagine what it would be like if each of us understood the power of saying no and/or yes with sincerity and love. Without feeling guilty or being afraid of rejection and judgement.

Emotional Backlash

Now that you understand you can change your response; you will be wise to prepare yourself for the emotional backlash from within and from others. Because your empowering change affects others. Be prepared to be kind and compassionate with yourself and others.
Defining your boundaries with love asks that you reflect on what you feel and want, without projecting onto others. With clear boundaries you are able to speak from the heart and listen with compassion. Love guides you trust you are as important as everyone else, but not more important than everyone else.

Loving Kindness Meditation

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Written by Certified Meditation Teacher Regina Kaiser