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Insights: Found Through Loss

Found through Loss

I honour and acknowledge those who are grieving the loss of a loved one during this pandemic. My heart goes out to you and your families as you heal. This article is intended for the everyday losses we experience during covid. These could be how we used to socialize, shop, plan and live. With so many changes there are many losses and gains.

Each of us is finding ways to make peace with what we miss. At times we don’t emotionally notice what is gone until later when we aren’t as busy. We then embrace the healing process which is less about time than what we do with our time. As we travel through this part of our journey, we get closer to understanding what is found through our losses. It is a journey of epic discovery.

Where there is loss there is gain; where there is gain there is loss. This is the ebb and flow of the universe.

It may not be easy to see what you can find through your losses right now. It will always be subjective to where you are emotionally on your path. Let me reiterate there is no right or wrong way to process loss, and there is no time line. It is a process. What I share from personal experiences with loss is that time doesn’t heal…you do.

There is truth to feeling alone on the journey. That’s because it is your personal journey. But you are never alone. None of us will feel exactly the same. However, we can empathize from our own experiences to unite compassionately.

Meditation Classes for Healing Loss

Join me to heal loss at the following online meditation classes Nov. 15 and 17, 2020.

  • Sunday 10 am at Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Tuesday 7:30 pm at Reflective Meditation

Article written by Regina Kaiser