Wildfire relief meditation

Insights: Living In Light

 BC Wildfires – How can I help? 

When things come flying at you and it seems there is no end in sight, staying light hearted gets you through with greater ease.
It’s amazing how much stronger you feel when despair is replaced with light and love. Even though it may not always feel like it, your physical, mental and emotional bodies work together to ensure you have the easiest experience possible.

As I am living through the BC wildfires with an evacuation alert and the possibility of an evacuation order I am more aware than ever of how my body, feelings and thoughts need nurturing and meditation. I am physically fatigued from working long hours clearing what could easily become kindling for a wildfire on our property. While overwhelming and impossible to get it all, I made peace with doing what I can. My first three chakras are letting me know the days are long.  They are more related to physical reality.  Stopping often to pause in meditation moments of blissful stillness gets me through.   

Friends and family are affected by the State of Emergency across our province, and other places in the world.  It seems for some it’s one thing after another.  I ‘feel’ the love of others watching the news, worried and wondering what they can do. You know that feeling of helplessness we experience when we are far away or just don’t know what we can do to help. It’s an awful feeling…

I, like you, am grateful for our front line workers.  They bring us hope and possibilities.  But not everyone is a firefighter or volunteer, or has a physical action for helping. So consider what you can do….

It may not make logical sense, but meditating and prayer make a huge difference.  By focusing on others living in light, laughter and love, healing happens and everyone benefits. If you feel yourself feeling sad or uncertain, invite more light into your personal space. It’s okay to feel your feelings. It’s okay to not know what to do. Whatever you are experiencing, it’s okay.  Do not feel guilty for having a blue sky and living a healthy, happy life. Shine brightly even when others are struggling. That is how we get through difficult times.  

As I wrote this article, I lit my aromatherapy diffuser and turned on music that speaks to my soul. It has a new age and mystical feel. I like that. It makes me feel better.  Do something to make yourself feel better today.

You were born to live in light, laughter and love. 

Crank your energy!

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