Insights: Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Anger

How Light Affects Guilt, Shame and Anger

What did you discover about Giving and Receiving from last week’s insights and meditation classes?

Between Sundays 10:00 am and Tuesdays 7:30 pm Live meditation classes we covered how giving and receiving can be equal. If you missed the live classes you can listen to them in the online Meditation Libraries.  You’re one click away:  Loving Kindness Library –  Reflective Meditation Library

What does it take to Overcome Guilt, Shame and Anger?

This week we explore ways to keep it light and calm. If we were to set goals for our spiritual evolution, one would be to overcome anger, guilt and shame.  

Try to invite in more light to understand yourself as spirit first. If you found yourself frustrated, irritated or angry, you will likely have pangs of guilt and shame. These leave you feeling bad about yourself. Cycles like these can be broken through awareness and with light.

Bringing in light does not dismiss the thoughts, feelings, and actions you experience.

  • Light brings space and clarity.
  • Light opens your eyes to see what you couldn’t see in the darkness. Sometimes it is not what you want to see. Interestingly, you already knew what you didn’t want to see. Ask yourself if your actions or inactions are bringing light and love into the world. Ask yourself “Is this true?”

Your soul’s light guides you through the good, bad and ugly. Self-loathing is replaced with self-love and compassion. Guilt is replaced with honesty and innocence. Anger is expressed with passion and love, causing no harm.

Just for this week try to see through the eyes of spirit.

How can you experience more light and love in life?

What can you do differently?

As always, our weekly insights theme will be integrated into our virtual meditation classes. Why come to a virtual class? Here you get to experience the group energy and feel the power of community. And you don’t need any experience!  We practice non-judgment, acceptance, respect and integrity.

If your schedule doesn’t jive with ours, you can listen to the recorded lesson and guided meditations by using the Loving Kindness Library 2021, or Reflective Meditation Library 2021.

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