Meditation Program

Meditation Program

Veracis Meditation Program is a course of studies in conscious living.  We offer so much more than a mindful meditation practice. Our lessons and meditations guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

“I recently completed mindfulness training and have also completed the meditation program at Veracis.  I can honestly say the mindfulness training just skimmed the surface compared to what I learned through the Veracis Meditation Classes. Rachel

Veracis® Meditation supports you to achieve:

    • Focused clarity with life choices
    • Healthy boundaries & relationships
    • A peaceful state of mind
    • Ways to cope with anxiety and stress
    • Mindful techniques to manage emotions
    • An intuitive, trusting relationship with yourself and others

Our program is offered in progressive levels.  This allows you to learn at a pace that is comfortable to you, virtually or on-demand.

Meditation Course Levels

“Learn about yourself and how to manage your emotions, energy and relationships, using meditation as a powerful tool for transformation. Well thought out program. Kind. Gentle. Effective.”

Discover how it feels to be centered and grounded in your body, no matter what is going on around you. Start with The Power of Awareness Level 1 Meditation.

Start your journey today and release for peace!