Manifesting Your Desires

Your Life is Waiting

Pre-requisite: The Power of Awareness, level 1

Manifesting Your Desires is level 2 in Veracis Meditation course of studies in conscious living.

Take your journey inwards to discover the secret to creating and manifesting what you want.

Manifesting Your Desires Meditation Level 3 can be completed as a single course on-demand, or in two modules offered virtually as Creating Mindfully and Emotions & Spirit.

Level 2 Meditation







Manifesting Your Desires On-Demand 
Pre-requisite: The Power of Awareness, level 1

Course includes units on:

1. The present moment
2. Growth periods – spirit, mind and body relationship
3. Ease and flow
4. Gratitude, desires and intention
5. Forgiveness, steps to manifesting consciously
6. Validation and spiritual authority
7. Emotions and spirituality
8. Empathy and sympathy, giving and receiving
9. Self-worth 

Access Manifesting Your Desires Level 2 On-demand course

Manifesting Your Desires – Modules

Module 1 – Creating Mindfully
Pre-requisite: The Power of Awareness, level 1
6 Live Stream Lessons with Guided Meditations

1. Present Moment Awareness
2. Steps to Manifesting Consciously
3. The Mind, Body, Emotions & Soul Connection
4. Creating through Ease & Flow
5. Desires & Intention
6. Coincidence & Synchronicity 

Module 2 – Emotions & Spirituality
Pre-requisite: Creating Mindfully (or 8 week Manifesting Your Desires Series)
6 Live Stream Lessons with Guided Meditations

1. Validation & Invalidation
Spiritual Authority & Boundaries
3. Emotions & Healing
4. Empathy & Sympathy
5. Balancing Giving & Receiving 
6. Worthiness

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