Online Meditation Courses

Meditation Courses 

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

Meditating is more than sitting still with your eyes closed feeling relaxed and peaceful.  It is a conscious journey to living mindfully.

Let a Certified Meditation Teacher guide you safely inwards to feel calm and clear.

Conscious, mindful meditating allows you to renew yourself on an inner level, transforming what no longer serves you into available energy and inner peace. Meditating regularly reduces anxiety and stress, loneliness, loss, and the feeling of disconnection or isolation that are a result of life experiences.  Discover how easy it is to be free of this type of suffering.

Veracis Meditation Program is a course of studies in conscious living offered in progressive levels that works well for active minds, intuitive souls and everyone willing to be proactive in being the change.  Each level (series) inspires, challenges and encourages transformation to achieve a successful outcome.

How willing are you to invest and commit to your own well-being? 

  • START with level 1 The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation taught by a certified meditation teacher who uses a mindful approach with step by step instructions and personalized support that provides immediate results.
  • Register today to learn how to transform the cause of distress, anxiety, discomfort (essentially suffering) into focused clarity, calm and enlightenment.
  • Courses are offered Virtually as live stream classes so you can access a course from anywhere in the world.  We use zoom.



Meditation connects you with your soul and purpose in life.

Relaxation is a result of meditating regularly.  This is why people who meditate are generally calmer, clearer and more peaceful.

A qualified teacher will support you in staying on the path of integrity.

It is easier to meditate and learn with an experienced Certified Meditation Teacher.

Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers (CVMT’s) support you to achieve your personal and spiritual goals. CVMT’s have completed extensive training and work with you to develop the transformational self-healing process using easy to learn techniques that can be integrated into everyday life for long lasting results.

Veracis® Meditation connects you with your core essence to be present in life as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

About Veracis Meditation

Veracis® Meditation is an integration of eastern and western, mindful energy based philosophies, designed to nurture spirit first, at your core essence.  The program was created in 2000 by Regina Kaiser and is based on advanced spiritual studies that work well for the busy western mind.

Regina recognized many people learn better and faster with a structured format or system, in the presence of a qualified teacher who connects with individuals on a soul level, encouraging and facilitating change.  Making a commitment to attend a weekly class in a series allows the individual to look forward to developing skills that can be integrated into daily life.

The benefits of a class energy and the community bond developed usually continues into the next levels. Any level can be revisited at any time.

The Power of Awareness – Levle 1 Meditation

Learn the basics to begin meditating so you reduce stress and anxiety, and take control of your life immediately.

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Manifesting Your Desires – Level 2 Meditation

Once you’ve completed The Power of Awareness you will likely feel inspired to continue with your spiritual studies.

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Cultivating Compassion - Level 3 Meditation

Identify and clear away limitations hidden from your consciousness.

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Exploring Chakras – Level 4 Meditation

With a deeper understanding to live compassionately, this class explores one of the seven primary chakras every week.

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Not sure?  Try a Single Class

If you are still not sure and want to try a single meditation class then  join us in Loving Kindness or Reflective Meditation.

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Level 1 Online Courses

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Level 2 Online Courses

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Level 3 Online Courses

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Level 4 Online Courses

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Advanced Spiritual Development

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Advanced Spiritual Development

Meditation Teacher Training & Certification

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“I want to thank you Regina, for all the lessons you have given us. I love that you know what we need to do to grow yet you help us discover this on our own. These are the qualities of a gifted parent, teacher and friend. Thank you for being all of these things to me throughout my journey. I aspire to do the same for others in my life!” Rachel

“Thank you for helping begin my journey with what started with anxiety issues but blossomed into so much more. Your teachings gave me the perspective to see what I was emotionally holding on to that didn’t benefit me. That has lifted a great weight off my heart and mind that I didn’t realize was there.”