Manifesting Your Desires

Don’t just Dream it….Create it!

The creative process begins within, with what you want, why you want it, and how you create as spirit first.


Manifesting Your Desires – Level 2
 2 Semesters – LIVE STREAM Meditation Series
 Online self- directed series coming soon. 




Semester 1 – Creating Mindfully
Pre-requisite: The Power of Awareness, level 1
6 Live Stream Lessons with Guided Meditations

  1. Present Moment Awareness
  2. Steps to Manifesting Consciously
  3. The Mind, Body, Emotions & Soul Connection
  4. Creating from Ease & Flow
  5. Desires & Intention
  6. Coincidence & Synchronicity 

Semester 2 – Emotions & Spirituality
Pre-requisite: Creating Mindfully (or 8 week Manifesting Your Desires Series)
6 Live Stream Lessons with Guided Meditations

  1. Validation & Invalidation 
  2. Spiritual Authority
  3. Emotions & Healing
  4. Empathy & Sympathy
  5. Balancing Giving & Receiving 
  6. Self-worth and Value 


Manifesting Your Desires is for you when…

You are ready to connect with the possibilities of creative self-empowerment.  Each class expands your awareness of  how you can create with renewed trust, while discovering how to manage thoughts, emotions and actions so you feel comfortable with change.

The 2 semester course offered with a Certified Meditation Teacher makes it easier to stay true to your intention to evolve as you reconnect weekly with the same people, all on a similar journey.


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