Meditations for Conscious Living

Whether you are new to meditation or are seeking a community of support, your weekend meditation retreat is grounded in self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-care, and self-love.

All  meditation retreats are packed with ‘aha’ mindful moments, that are perfectly balanced with meditation workshops,  yoga (movement), nature and relaxation.

We guarantee you will see the world with renewed enthusiasm and trust!


Abundance & Love FALL Retreat is a weekend celebrating the harvest of seeds planted in the spring or earlier.  With a prerequisite of The Power of Awareness Meditation Level 1 the weekend has a refresher quality with the added bonus of discovering ways to create abundance.  Meditation workshops facilitate spiritual development through inspiration and encouragement.



The Sacred Feminine SPRING Retreat is exclusively for women who wish to celebrate and honour themselves as a peaceful spirit in a female body.

This weekend is for nurturing the divine and sacred feminine within as we reconnect with creativity grounded in validation, trust and potentiality.



The Power of Awareness SUMMER Meditation Retreat includes The Power of Awareness Meditation level 1.  This is a journey inwards for self discovery, transformation and the evolution of your soul as you learn the basic foundation of Veracis Meditation and living life as a peaceful spirit in a human body.




Guided, Silent, Walking Meditations
A combination of guided, silent and walking meditations allows you to experience a well balanced meditation retreat, one of solitude, interacting and blissful connections.

Guided Meditations
Soft and gentle guided meditations support you in feeling grounded and present, relaxing, and smiling from head to toe.

Silent Meditations
At select moments during the retreat we enter silence.  Silent meditations support you in entering the stillness within, allowing for self-reflection and inner peace.

Walking Meditations may include silence, and are offered either indoors or outdoors in nature when the weather permits. Walking meditations are facilitator lead to ensure you are safe.