Meet Our Team

Regina Kaiser Certified Meditation Teacher | Coach | Energy Healer | Intuitive | Yoga Instructor

A visionary with an intuitive instinct, Regina founded the Centre in 2000 and created her transformational Veracis® Meditation Program.
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Regina Kaiser

Certified Meditation Teacher | Energy Healer | Intuitive | Yoga Instructor | Speaker | Author

Regina Kaiser is the founding creative director of Veracis® Meditation Program.  A visionary and gift intuitive, Regina created  the course of studies in transformation and conscious living for men and women seeking to transform and evolve as Spirit First.

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Cheryl Meditation Teacher

My journey began when I realized I was missing balance. I worked in a demanding professional environment that required me to be at my peak. Read More

Marian Yoga Instructor

Marian completed her 200 hour level Yoga teacher training in 2009 and started teaching at Veracis the same year.
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Maureen Meditation Teacher

Maureen has a long developed interest in personal development, having studied Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Meditation.
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Nicole Meditation Teacher

Nicole joined us as a certified meditation teacher in 2012. She discovered meditation in 2005 and used it to successfully balance her...
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Solange Meditation Teacher

Solange has been involved with Veracis® since 2000 and received teacher certification in 2012. Her journey with Veracis® has given her the tools...
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Skyla Yoga Instructor

With an extensive background in dance and fitness my first yoga class in 2011 was NOT as easy as I imagined. The true surprise was the sense...
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Tom Yoga Instructor

I came to yoga in midlife and by accident, literally. In 2009 I was involved in the first of 3 rearend collisions which I would experience...
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Vicki Meditation Teacher

I am fascinated and excited by meditation. Regina created an amazing meditation wellness centre and I am blessed to be part of it.
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