Meet Our Team

Regina Kaiser Certified Meditation Teacher | Coach | Energy Healer | Intuitive | Yoga Instructor

A visionary with an intuitive instinct, Regina founded the Centre in 2000 and created her transformational Veracis® Meditation Program.
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Regina Kaiser

Certified Meditation Teacher | Energy Healer | Intuitive | Yoga Instructor | Speaker | Author

Regina Kaiser is the founding creative director of Veracis® Meditation Program.  A visionary and gift intuitive, Regina created  the course of studies in transformation and conscious living for men and women seeking to transform and evolve as Spirit First.

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Marian Yoga Instructor

Marian completed her 200 hour level Yoga teacher training in 2009 and started teaching at Veracis the same year. Read More


Certified Yoga Instructor & CVMT

Certified Teachers

Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers (CVMT’s) have trained extensively to communicate the model of teachings in a reliable, consistent, safe, and accurate way, ensuring the integrity of Veracis® Meditation is protected.

CVMT’s are individuals who are dedicated to practicing the course content, have completed the Veracis® Meditation Teacher Training Program and have signed an instructor contract agreement.

For those who are not Certified Veracis® Meditation Teachers (CVMT)
It is not uncommon to want to share what you have learned through Veracis® Meditation with others. We wish to encourage your enthusiasm and the spread of our vision to nurture Spirit First as you share the benefits of Veracis® Meditation.

Can I share what I learned through Veracis® Meditation?
We want you feel comfortable sharing your personal spiritual journey, the meaning and results of practicing Veracis® Meditation but we ask that you refrain from sharing the course content.


Cheryl Meditation Teacher

My journey began when I realized I was missing balance. I worked in a demanding professional environment that required me to be at my peak. Read More

Maureen Meditation Teacher

Maureen has a long developed interest in personal development, having studied Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Meditation.
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Nicole Meditation Teacher

Nicole joined us as a certified meditation teacher in 2012. She discovered meditation in 2005 and used it to successfully balance her...
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Solange Meditation Teacher

Solange has been involved with Veracis® since 2000 and received teacher certification in 2012. Her journey with Veracis® has given her the tools... Read More

Vicki Meditation Teacher

I am fascinated and excited by meditation. Regina created an amazing meditation wellness centre and I am blessed to be part of it.
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Liesl J.
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Michelle S.

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Zoe M.

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