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I am excited to introduce you to Veracis New Online Platform. It’s still a work in progress but the main section is ready for YOU. My focus was placed on providing the same and new classes first for our current clients with the intention to build beginner and advanced options afterwards. Special thanks to everyone who helped me along the way.

New Beginnings & Endings…

For our current clients, effective Oct. 25, 2020, you will no longer have access to your mindbody account or app as we move to our new online platform.

If you are currently attending a weekly live class using the mindbody scheduler or app we ask that you start using the new platform immediately to familiarize yourself with the amazing new platform. If you have a class pass or credits in your mindbody account then please contact me so I can transfer your credits to the new platform.

More Changes….

1. Unfortunately, the new platform does not lend itself to single class, 10 or 20 class pass purchases. Instead, the new format is designed for monthly memberships or courses/series. We are certain you will love the convenience and options you get!

We also understand not everyone likes the idea of memberships. For that reason, we made it easy to unsubscribe at anytime. Of course we hope you stay and grow with us. You can always re-subscribe.

2. No more email zoom invitations sent for Live Stream Classes. You will be responsible for clicking the zoom link in the scheduled class to join on your own. Details on the new website.


“The new website and the new membership structures look fantastic.” CC

What’s New Online

ON DEMAND Classes and courses

On Demand means you have access 24/7 to classes and courses. These include our meditation library, bundles, and meditation courses like The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation. There is no live teacher.

LIVE STREAM Classes and Courses

Live Stream means the class is delivered ‘live’ using zoom as scheduled. It’s as if you are in a physical classroom with a live teacher.

We are still working on Veracis Meditation Levels to bring these to you online.. thanks for your patience.


Memberships are value based, monthly subscriptions where you have access to far more options with less cost. I am working on an advanced membership….

Note: Live classes (previously drop in) are now only offered within Total Serenity Membership.


Total Serenity Membership


24/7 access to entire meditation library

The following Live Classes

Loving Kindness Meditation Sunday 10:00 am
Restorative Yoga Sunday 7:30 pm
Reflective Meditation Tuesday 7:30 pm
Monthly Full Moon
Quarterly Equinox and Solstice

7 day Free trial
$55 per month

Getting Started

Whether you are an existing or new client, and aren’t sure what you want yet, you will need an account and it’s Free to Create!

  • START BY CREATING A FREE ACCOUNT You can stop here or keep going….
  • Enroll in Short Guided Meditations (FREE) and/or
  • Enroll in Total Serenity Membership or The Power of Awareness On Demand.

Find your way through our virtual door to connect & stay happy.

Regina Kaiser As exciting as our new platform is, I know this may be another thing to learn in a year that has been filled with change. I promise you that once you are familiar with the new platform you will be more than delighted with what you get. Be kind and patient with yourself as you learn.

The intention of the new platform is to bring you more ways to connect, cultivate awareness, inner peace and calm.

Light, Laughter and Love, Regina