Essential Oil Blends


All natural blends created by a Certified Aromatherapist.


Essential Oil Blends

Essential oil blends are created, in small batches, by Certified Aromatherapist Regina Kaiser.  Regina combines the plants therapeutic benefits with the spiritual dimensions of the essence.  The result is  to create a a truly holistic synergy. The 

Whether you are seeking grounding, inspiration, inner peace, rejuvenation or calm, the ‘right’ blend will likely already have chosen you.


How to choose an Aromatherapy Blend:

Identify what you want your blend to do for you.  We encourage you to trust your intuition when choosing.  When you first look at the name of a blend or the bottle notice how your heart is responding. Generally there is a warm feeling, or sense of knowing that flows through you, prompting you to read more. Your heart knows you!

Dilute to use.
Do not take internally.
Avoid during pregnancy.


Additional information

Pick Blend

Awakening 10 ml, Breathe 10 ml, Clarity 10 ml, Dream 10 ml, Exhale 10ml, Fireside 10 ml, Free Spirit 10 ml, Happiness 10 ml, Immune Defender 10 ml, Inhale 10 ml, Innoscent 10 ml, Joy 10 ml, Peace 10 ml, Reflect 10 ml, Rejuvenate 10 ml, Relax 10 ml, Serenity 10ml, Thieves 10 ml, Trust 10 ml, Truth 10 ml, Winter Mint 10 ml, Holiday Spirit 10 ml, Fireside 10 ml, Sugar & Spice 10 ml, Christmas Tree 10 ml


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