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Awaken to a higher level of consciousness. 

We believe meditating can be simple and intuitive. That’s why we created a program with easy to learn techniques and advanced results. Veracis® Meditation is a non-religious course of studies in conscious living offered as a series in progressive levels. For those unable to commit to a six or eight week course we created Ongoing Meditation classes with guided meditations for everyone.

Awareness creates Freedom  

Created by Regina Kaiser Veracis® Meditation Course of Studies in Conscious Living integrates eastern and western philosophies to bring fundamental techniques to individuals willing to experience a deeper level of consciousness in creating a life of inner outer peace. With Veracis® Meditation you are able to start feeling clearer, calmer and more productive immediately and continue evolving with certified teachers that have more than 375 hours training and are committed to offering you personalized support and direction in a safe, welcoming class. Advanced techniques show you how to centre within to access your own highest information with intentional and intuitive direction to start creating and living the life you want for yourself with mental clarity and peace of mind.

Quiet your Thoughts – Live Intuitively

We could tell you how our program works perfectly for any person.  We could tell you about the incredible control you have over your own life as you learn to manage emotions, thoughts and energy.  We could tell you how great you’ll feel when you start using your new meditation tools through self-reflection and awareness. But the thing is, no matter what we tell you, nothing is as great as your personal experience.

So try it out & start feeling connected to your peaceful self today.


The Power of Awareness – Level 1 Meditation
Beginner Meditation Series – All levels Welcome 

Learn to meditate in this foundation structured mindful meditation series.  Seated in chairs, you’ll discover how easy it is to calm the mind, relax the body and reconnect with your inner self.  What you’ll learn in this series:

  • definition of energy, spirit, mind, body & soul
  • mindful breathing techniques
  • focused & centered clarity
  • how to feel stable & grounded
  • define & cleanse your personal space
  • establish energetic boundaries
  • create & let go
  • balance your energy centres
  • reclaim your energy
New topics with guided meditations are introduced every week, each building on the previous week’s teachings so you continue growing while having fun! It is important not to miss a class. Leave with a basic understanding of how to start meditating on your own without relying on outside influences.

6 weekly 1  3/4 hr classes


Manifesting Your Desires – Level 2 Meditation
Pre-requisite: The Power of Awareness

With the foundation of meditation completed, you can now begin to explore more layers of consciousness. With guided meditations based on level 1 The Power of Awareness and new topics every week you now discover how to be present in the physical body and manage emotions as spirit first so you can create what you want for yourself.

  • Learn the secret to creative visualization
  • How to be more in the present moment
  • Who you are & what you want
  • Dissolve internal limitations
  • Establish spiritual and emotional boundaries

8 weekly 90 min. classes


Cultivating Compassion – Level 3 Meditation
Prerequisite: Manifesting Your Desires

Understanding compassion on a soul level requires transcending judgement. In this series we peel away limitations with awareness as you discover how to cleanse and balance your chakras with personalized direction.  Topics covered:

  • Creating & managing a grounded respectful space
  • Connect and cleanse your chakras using your inner wisdom
  • Clear judgment patterns to free your soul from past conditioning
    • Love, Fear & Anxiety
    • Patience
    • Perfectionism
    • Group mind conditioning
    • Energy cords
    • Tune into relationships with renewed trust
  • Understanding Karma

8 weekly 90 min. classes


Exploring Chakras – Level 4 Meditation
Pre-requisite: Cultivating Compassion

This is an advanced meditation supporting you with balancing and cleansing your personal energy centres with a heightened sense of consciousness. We’ll journey through each chakra, exploring symbolism and meaning. Bring a journal!  In this series:

  • Identify and reclaim the deeper relationships of the chakras and your life experiences
  • Understand and re-balance excessive or deficient chakra flow
  • Continue clearing limiting beliefs or programming
  • Move from basic survival to balanced knowing
  • Expand the meaning of chakras for greater self awareness and healing.

7 weekly, 2 hour classes


Advanced Meditation – Level 5 

Professional & Meditation Teacher Training

What to Expect
Expect to discover a peaceful pace. Weekly guided meditations gradually build up to 30 minutes. If you have concerns about sitting too long, based on physical limitations, then we suggest you sit next to the door, where you can get up without feeling you are disrupting the class.

Home practice is encouraged to enhance your experience. It is important to attend all classes in a series. Should you miss more than two classes in any enrollment level, you are encouraged to revisit the series to receive the prerequisite for the next level.


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