Advanced Meditation Classes

Your personal spiritual journey integrating purpose and meaning

Prerequisite – Exploring Chakras – Level 4 Meditation

At the root of Veracis® Meditation are the ancient teachings of the self-healing process, and contemporary consciousness combined with shamanism. Regina Kaiser, founder of the program, shares the teachings she received with native and modern healers, academic studies, intuitive wisdom, and life experiences. The teachings support healing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual distress for self, individuals and community.

You will learn to understand all healing is self healing, and how you are part of this process.

Combining the lessons covered in previous levels, we’ll explore exciting ways to refine intuition to transcend and transform patterns of limitation by nurturing spirit first.  The program lets you choose how you wish to use your skills once you have completed the program. In other words, you do not need to pursue a professional career, but you could if you wanted to.

Offered as modules, each builds on the previous, building strong community awareness through interaction, support, caring and meaningful relationships.   Each module must be completed in sequence.

Previous graduates are welcome to participate in any module as a refresher.

“What a celebration! What a discovery of my self, love, compassion and the power to be, to choose & to do. All has been completely and utterly extraordinary. Thanks to you Regina for believing in me, for your unwavering dedication & integrity.”

Module 5.1 – Basic Healing

In Basic Healing Module 5.1:
Basic Healing is the first module of four in Level 5 Advanced Meditation Studies.  Basic Healing is a standalone series, but is required to continue with modules 5.2-5.4 (see below).  In other words, you do not need to continue with Modules 5.2-5.4.Prerequisite: level 4 – Exploring Chakras

  • Receive advanced guided meditations to include empathy vs sympathy.
  • Explore the definition of energy healing and wellness
  • Learn and practice ethics, boundaries and respect
    • Set up a safe healing space
  • Hands on training for energy healing sequences
    • Connect with a healing assistant
    • Feel, cleanse, balance, and tune into energy, auras, chakras
    • Feel your personal energy shift
    • Support others to balance their energy flow
    • Stop giving your energy to others or try to ‘fix’ them
    • Practice humble confidence

Basic Healing is gentle, respectful and supportive on all levels of being. Learn how to integrate this powerful format for your own personal growth.  Please contact Regina if you are interested and/or have any questions regarding the series.


Modules 5.2-5.4

Only individuals who are willing to make the necessary commitments to complete the program 5.2-5.4 need apply.


Module 5.2 – Spirit Wisdom 

In this series we learn to tune into our own strengths and link symbolism with intuition and soul empowerment.Pre-requisite module 5.1 – Basic HealingSpirit Wisdom Meditation level 5

Topics Covered:

  • Intention
  • Definitions of Spirit & Soul
  • Spiritual Causes for illness
  • Causes of loss of power
  • Refining and Overcoming Blocks to Intuition
  • Symbolism
  • Male/Female Energy
  • Karmic Contracts
  • Energy Management
  • Sacred Drumming
  • Ancestry

Module 5.3 – Awakening the Shaman

We’ll link the power of earth medicine with your intuition and togetherness. This series requires attendance at the Advanced Retreat – The Witness.Pre-requisite – Module 5.2Awakening the Shaman Meditation level 5

  • Observing the Witness
  • Definition of Soul Loss
  • Advanced Chakras
  • Growing Your Intuition
  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Meeting your Power Animal
  • Working with your Power Animal
  • Drumming

Module 5.4 – Emerging Spirit

Pre-requisite:  module 5.3

Emerging Spirit Advanced Meditation

The unfolding beauty of your soul integrates with the power of intuition and healing, as you uncover meaning and purpose on a deeper level of consciousness.

  • Integrating your Souls Purpose
  • Advanced Intuition
  • Soul Loss & Recovery
  • Extractions & Retrieval
  • Healer & Intuition
  • Bringing it all together
  • Initiation & New Beginnings


“I want to thank you Regina, for all the lessons you have given us. I love that you know what we need to do to grow yet you help us discover this on our own. These are the qualities of a gifted parent, teacher and friend. Thank you for being all of these things to me throughout my journey. I aspire to do the same for others in my life!

Interested in learning more?  Please complete and submit the following form or contact Regina at 604.461.5511

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