Full Moon Meditations
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The full moon is the ideal time, once a month, to pause and connect with your soul’s purpose.  This is a time to align with your intention.  The time on and around the full moon raises your energy vibration.  The moon relates to movement and flow; emotions. During a full moon feelings are exaggerated. When you feel peaceful, then peaceful is exaggerated.  When you feel anxious, anxiety is exaggerated. Meditating in a group setting increases the desired vibration.


Full moon meditations are offered monthly as part of our OMYO (ongoing meditation & yoga ) program.



Menopause Muse Playshop
Meditation & Herbology Workshop

Sunday 1-3:30 pm
September 24, 2017
Join Herbalist Judy Hurthig & Meditation Teacher Regina Kaiser in this inspiring workshop for peri menopause and menopause. Changes in the female body are physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  Just as the butterfly transforms from a caterpillar, so too is the transition every woman experiences in her own way.  Changes include mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, forgetfulness, fatigue and vaginal dryness. We’ll combine the wisdom of herbology with the wisdom of energy awareness so you have a few more tools to use during this rite of passage. 

  • Opening Meditation
  • The cause of menopause
  • How meditating improves your transition through menopause.
  • Herbs to ease your transition
  • Recipes you can make yourself – including Sensuali – Tea!
$75 pp
$95 at door 

  • An exciting book is coming…

      coming soon Over the next few weeks,Shirley Weir will be sharing interviews, excerpts and free sample chapters from a new book called “Moody Bitch to Menopause Chick” [coming soon!] …
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