Your First Step to Happiness

Stop and smell the roses.  Slow down and breathe in the fragrance of life.  You are here for a short time.  That is, your body is here for a short time.  Spirit is infinite.Your first step to happiness is to align with present moment consciousness, to appreciate the moment for what it is, not what it can or should be.

We have become conditioned to acquire or achieve happiness, as if it something we do not already have.  The truth is happiness is inside each of us preceding thought, and is accessible when we transcend the needs of the ego.  The ego is made up of many personalities that attempt to control and own happiness.   The ego creates the illusion that unhappiness is bad.  Happiness, like love, is not something we control or own.  It is a state of being that precedes thinking and doing.

Our actions may contribute to greater happiness as experienced through our human self, but happiness in itself is awareness, the presence of joy within the soul.  It is the source of love and contentment and we experience it when we let go of attachments and expectations.

How do we achieve happiness?  Let go of the need to control.  Surrender expectations and attachments.  You can still focus on a goal, but accept yourself in the moment.  If that moment is uncomfortable, celebrate being present to experience it.  Memories have a way of arising and causing us to react. Ask yourself “am I responding to the moment with awareness or am I reacting to a memory from the past?”

How are you allowing memories to define present moment happiness, and the richness of life?  Steer clear of the ego identities that lure you into believing only the happy, good memories contribute to happiness.

Stop and smell the roses, breathe, connect – live, laugh, learn and love.  Regina