I highly recommend taking Veracis® Meditation classes – they will change your life! At first I thought I would not be able to sit still long enough to meditate, but the time seemed to disappear as we were guided through the lessons" Kelly - The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation Series

Meditation Course

Veracis gave me the tools and the life philosophy that all learning is Self Learning and Everything is Energy. Somehow knowing and believing this makes life Understandable and Enjoyable. The wisdom and connection from this community cannot be bought or replicated anywhere else. I cherish Veracis and all the richness, growth and comfort it brings to my life.Loads of love,Casi

Meditation Program (courses) Graduate

"My second time here and this journey has been just as magical as last time in a different way. Before I come I do think of the cost but once here there is no price tag that one can put on this experience. I felt very safe, secure and loved here which makes me feel more open to my own vulnerabilities of tears. It doesn’t matter here as it is safe and there is no judgment; rather it is encouraged and embraced whatever our journey and healing looks like. " Jen D.

Summer Retreat

"Making the drum was indeed fun and also a rare opportunity to create such a unique instrument that is so close to the heart and soul of the original people that walked these lands.

I am honored to have been part of this small and fortunate group of people that had the chance to build our own drums. And now I am looking forward to “play” the drum." Marius

Sacred Drum Making Workshop

We had our little bundle of joy. A beautiful baby boy. He has a wonderful energy about him. Very balanced and calm. I wanted to mention that through my labour this time, I used many of the meditation techniques I learned from you.

Meditation & Pregnancy

I really enjoyed level one meditation. It sounds cliché, but it really has changed the way I view my life. Each morning, I feel like I have more control over how I am going to feel for that day. If I’ am grumpy, I feel like I have the power to change that by managing my energy.

Meditation Classes

The meditation Challenge was interesting. I am one for diving into challenges and completing the task fully. I found myself at the beginning it was easy, the middle there was resistance – I struggled finding time or made other things a priority and everything else suffered in return.

Meditation Challenge

Thank you for presenting the information to me in a way I could receive and understand it. It’s exactly what I needed.

Private Session

"I was blown away with my intuitive reading and healing that you so adeptly gave me. You are a master of your skill! I am so grateful for coming to you and continue to benefit, mentally and physically!"  ~ Sheila ( Private Session: Intuitive Reading Healing)