Frequently Asked Questions

What is Veracis®  Meditation?

Veracis® Meditation includes live and recorded meditations and a course of studies in conscious living. The foundation is an integration of Eastern and Western, non-religious, energy based healing philosophies designed to develop awareness and inner peace. We believe everyone can learn to meditate with simple tools and support. Veracis® Meditation reflects our philosophy that everything begins on an energy level first; that health and wellness begin with nurturing spirit first, and that all healing is self healing.

What’s the difference between mindful meditation and Veracis Meditation? 

Both are a form of concentration or consciousness. Mindfulness is another word for awareness. With awareness, your concentration develops and you become able to observe your own experiences without distraction. In essence, any meditation with a conscious or concentration focus is a mindful meditation.

Veracis® Meditation teaches practical ways to develop awareness and mindfulness, with a focus on self-healing and well-being. You will acquire tools to become more present moment focused, not just in your meditation practice, but in your everyday life.

Is meditating hard to learn?

Meditation is easier to learn than you think. Especially when you acquire tools that you can use immediately, and when you receive the direction of a qualified teacher. Weekly meditation instruction ensures you are actively engaged in learning more about yourself as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

Meditation, like anything we learn, takes discipline and practice. It is a rare individual who can pick up a violin and play without learning the techniques and practicing. The more you meditate and participate in meditation classes, the easier it becomes and the more it becomes a part of your lifestyle. We make meditation fun and easy to learn.

What are On-Demand classes?

On-Demand classes are a bundle of guided meditations with a single topic. Each guided meditation includes a lesson on the topic to deepen your connection to self, work on your self-healing and raise your frequency.

What does the Total Serenity Membership include?

 The Total Serenity Membership includes 24/7 access to our guided meditation library, participation in our live weekly meditation and yoga classes, live full moon, solstice and equinox classes and all our On-Demand Classes.

I am shy. What can I expect at a Live (virtual) Meditation Class?

We welcome newcomers to our Live Meditation Classes offered virtually.  We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early for your first time so the instructor can welcome you personally. You will not be put on the spot or asked to share.  We want you to have a pleasant experience.

How do you use this site?

First time – create your free account. 

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Live Classes are held in Pacific Standard Time.