Frequently Asked Questions


What is Veracis® Meditation?
Veracis® Meditation is course of studies in conscious living. The foundation is an integration of Eastern and Western, non-religious, energy based healing philosophies designed to develop awareness (mindfulness) and inner peace. We believe everyone can learn to meditate with simple tools and support. Veracis® Meditation reflects our philosophy that everything begins on an energy level first; that health and wellness begin with nurturing spirit first, and that all healing is self healing.

What’s the difference between Mindful Meditation Veracis® Meditation?
Both are a form of concentration or consciousness. Mindfulness is another word for Awareness. With awareness your concentration develops so are able to observe your own experiences without becoming distracted. In essence any meditation with a conscious or concentration focus is a mindful meditation. Veracis® Meditation course of studies in conscious living teaches practical ways to develop awareness and mindfulness, so that everything you do becomes more present moment focused, not just in your meditation practice, but in life.

Is meditating hard to learn?
Meditation is easier to learn than you think, especially when you learn tools you can use immediately and receive the direction of a qualified teacher. Weekly meditation instruction ensures you are actively engaged in learning more about yourself as spirit in a human body. We make meditation fun and easy to learn. The more you use it the more you will get out of it.

Do we have to sit cross legged and chant?
No, we sit in chairs with our feet on the floor during instructional classes. We encourage you to use the chair posture at home, but being present and mindful with how  you meditate is most important. Our yoga classes are considered moving meditation and we offer silent and walking meditations at our retreats and workshops.

I have physical limitations and find it difficult to remain seated for any length of time.
We do our best to accommodate your needs, sometimes encouraging a seat at the end of a row so you can get up when needed. Often just knowing you can get up during a guided meditation offers relief.

Why would I come to your classes when I can do on line meditations that are free?
Coming to a class with a qualified certified instructor ensures you receive the personalized support you need to grow, as you interact and connect with the class energy. Community is vital for the souls evolultion.  We also understand there are times you just want to listen from the convenience of home. Veracis offers free meditations on our youtube channel – letsmeditateonline.

I’ve tried meditating but it didn’t work. What if Veracis Meditation doesn’t work for me?
There are different types of meditation and you may not have found the one that resonates with you. Our qualified instructors take the time to connect with each student, to explain and encourage understanding the lessons from an inner perspective. While each person has their own pace of learning, with practice, like riding a bike, meditation becomes natural and part of life.

Does meditation take a long time to learn?
Meditation, like anything we learn, takes discipline and practice. It is a rare individual who can pick up a violin and plays without learning the techniques and practising. The same is true for meditation. The more you meditate and participate in meditation classes, the easier and and more you learn, and the more it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

I want to lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, stop smoking or change a habit. Will your meditation help?
Veracis® Meditation is a mindful approach to conscious living. That means you learn how to relate to your inner self, and with awareness and will, learn to change patterns that no longer serve you. The process of changing behaviour patterns is supported by instructors and regular attendance in meditation classes.

Will meditation change me? What if my friends stop liking me?
You are changing all the time. Imagine if you were still the same today as you were when you were 10 years old. Ask yourself if you want others to change you or if you want to change yourself from within. This simple shift in perspective empowers you to be. With respect to the second question, once your friends see the positive, calming changes in you, they often jump on the band wagon and start meditating too. If your friends don’t like these positive, empowering changes, well, then that means there are new friends on the horizon.

I’ve been meditating for years. Do I need to take The Power of Awareness or can I start with Manifesting Your Desires?
The Power of Awareness is a pre-requisite for Manifesting Your Desires regardless of how long you have been meditating. We guarantee you will discover new techniques to enhance your evolution.

I’m devoted to my religion but want the benefits of meditating. Will this be a problem?
We believe you can integrate meditation into your religious life, and you may find it enhances your faith in ways you did not anticipate. Veracis® Meditation The Power of Awareness, Manifesting Your Desires, and Cultivating Compassion and Exploring Chakras are basic teachings. Practitioner Certification is an advanced energy healing and intuition development program that may not align with your religious beliefs, and you can always stop when you feel you need to stop.