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INTRODUCING   “The new website and the new membership structures look fantastic.” CC   What’s New On-Line Live-Stream Join weekly classes and courses safely from the comfort of home  Libraries 24/7 access to inspiring classes, including full moon, equinox and solstice Membership  24/7  access to meditation libraries and live-stream weekly classes Courses  Instructional series […]

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Meditation Sleep

Will Meditation Help Me Sleep?

Tired of lying awake at night? Nothing is more frustrating than watching the clock when all you want is a good nights sleep! Having a sleepless night once in a while is normal, but when it becomes every night then your health is affected negatively, and your productivity is reduced. You are not alone. An […]

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings & letting go

  New Beginnings Before we begin something new, we must let go of something old.  If we never let go of anything we become stagnant and full, depressed.  We keep adding without releasing.  Consider how quickly your closet fills up when you never remove anything! But don’t be hard on yourself.  If letting go was easy then […]

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How to Begin Meditating

Meditation has amazing benefits for managing stress, anxiety, and overall well-being. Everyone benefits from meditating. People who meditate regularly clear away excessive thoughts and emotions, and are more focused and stable, leading lives with reduced stress, more ease and focus.   They generally are younger looking, healthier and happier.Everyone benefits from meditating. Create a quiet space […]

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5 Myths of Meditation

 1.  Meditation is a spiritual or religious practice. Meditation is a practice that supports us to enter stillness from within, to transcend the chattering mind and experience silence, stillness and clarity; to create a clearer, abundant future. Meditating does not require a spiritual belief or religion and may be used alongside most religions without any […]

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Why Meditate?

Meditation, with its associated calming effects, has caught on with billions of people who now practice it regularly in some way. It is no longer limited to sitting cross-legged, making ohm sounds with incense burning. Companies like Veracis Wellness in Port Moody, BC have taken a leadership role in offering meditation instruction since 2000. When […]

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3 ways to reduce stress

Everyone experiences stress in different ways.  Some people need to retreat into a quiet corner to contemplate, while others need to move through running or walking, while others need someone to pamper them.   While one or two of these is our natural response to reducing stress, we can create balance by regularly inviting all […]

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