full sturgeon moon august 2021

Full Moon August 2021

Sturgeon Full Moon August 2021 Also called:  Red Moon, Grain Moon and Green Corn Moon The sturgeon is a strong ancient fish that can live up to 140 years, bringing us inspiration to keep going as we make it through the final weeks of summer.  The summer this year in BC, Canada has seen more […]

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full snow moon

Full Snow Moon February

The Full Snow Moon is named by the Native Americans for the large amounts of snowfall during this time of year. February is a month for transitions as we prepare for the promise of spring. But the weather is unpredictable causing unrest and concern that our resources will round out. This is linked to our […]

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full moon meditaitions

About Full Moon Meditations

Full Moon Meditations The full moon radiates magnificent light and energy. It supports us in raising positivity and releasing negativity. Each month, the full moon offers illumination, inspiration and encouragement. Gain clarity, realize your desires and connect with the rhythms of nature. TRY A VIRTUAL  CLASS Wolf Moon – January Regardless of your beliefs, celebrating […]

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