February full snow moon

Full Snow Moon February

The Full Snow Moon is named by the Native Americans for the large amounts of snowfall during this time of year.

February is a month for transitions as we prepare for the promise of spring. But the weather is unpredictable causing unrest and concern that our resources will round out. This is linked to our ancestors who would prepare, preserve and store enough food to feed their families. Thos supplies during February would start to run low. This is also why the snow moon is sometimes called the hunger moon.

Snow Moon Symbolism

This is a great time to acknowledge what you are feeling in about your future. Are you fearful or are you connecting with the ever present energy of love also associated with Valentine’s Day.

The image of snow as a blanket of silence where every sound is accentuated lets us feel energy of presence.

Acknowledge any uncertainty you may be transitioning through and illuminate the power of trust in mother nature and the promise of spring.

Love yourself and make plans for your future.

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