Listen to your calling

Insights: Listening to your Call

Does Everyone have a Calling?

Everyone is born with a gift-related calling and this stays with them their entire life. The gifts manifest in different ways at different times in life, and lead to a calling.

What is a Calling?

Before you were born you were ‘gifted’ with something that speaks to your soul. That gift leaves you feeling energized and alive. It comes in many forms and often includes an act of service towards the well-being of the universe. Whether you’ve been called to write a book, follow creative pursuits, or be of service towards others, you hear the calling with your heart and soul. You can have more than one gift and more than one calling.

Listening to the Call

Listening to your calling takes courage because it can be scary when it’s outside your comfort zone. Begin to notice how alive you feel when you are in your ‘gift zone’. Listening to your heart and observing the outcome of your actions opens the gates to manifestation.

The Time is Now

How and when your calling manifests depends on the experiences, skills and knowledge you have gained. There is a point where circumstances point you in the direction of your souls’ purpose. If you have been waiting for a ‘sign’ then consider you are reading this message as written just for you. What you have been waiting for is ready to be born. Trust your instinct and move forward with your instincts.

Overcoming Obstacles

You may stumble or doubt your decision. This is the time to listen to your wise self and go beyond the fears and uncertainty. Return to what it felt like to be alive and energized.

Listening to your calling brings immeasurable spiritual rewards. Trusting yourself is your greatest strength. Spiritually, following your gift and calling brings you closer into truth.

Article by Regina Kaiser

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