Potential meditation

Insights: Seeds of Potential

Inside each person is unlimited potentiality. Potentiality equals seeds of promise. The seeds can be ideas that have been in your heart and mind for a while.  These seeds are waiting to be planted, fertilized and nurtured.

Your Gifts are Seeds of Potential.

Taking your gifts from the non-physical realm brings you down to earth. The earth represents fertility. Those dreams and ideas you’ve had floating around in your head are ready to be planted. They are waiting to grow into magnificence, to be shared. The seeds within you need you to plant and care for them.

The Promise

Ideas and dreams get lost or left behind when life gets busy. If your ideas and dreams are written on pieces of paper and filed on your desk it isn’t long before other things pile on top of them and they disappear from sight. Then one day when tidying or finally reducing that pile you find them there. You are reminded of what you started and lost track of while doing other things.

Self sabotage postpones your dreams.

Consider what would happen if you planted a seed in your garden and forgot about it. It might survive. But it might not. With nurturing your seed flourishes.  The promise you make to yourself keeps the ideas and dreams alive, nourished and cared for, in the same way you would care for a child.

Make a promise to yourself to dedicate the appropriate energy and time to your dreams.

Watch it Grow

Be proud of what you have done and continue acknowledging your progress. Don’t waste time on what could have been. All that does is feed the negative. Return to your vision and speak kindly to yourself and your dreams.

Article by Regina Kaiser

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