embracing fall thanksgiving gratitude

Embracing Fall

Insights: Embracing Fall Autumn is just the beginning of sweater weather and comfort foods. Now that we’ve officially celebrated the Fall Equinox, spiritually we begin to harvest our lessons from the spring and summer. Our nights become longer leaving us with shorter daylight hours. Our inner light begins to shine even more. Fall is the […]

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harvest moon 2021 Fall equinox

Harvest Full Moon & Fall Equinox

Symbolism of the Harvest Full Moon & Fall Equinox We have two exciting celebrations coming up next week!  The Harvest full moon represents abundance and  time to gather what was planted in the spring. The ideas, dreams and goals that flourished and are ready to be harvested. Even though some seeds didn’t make it, many […]

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relationships - Courtney cook

Building New Relationships

Insights:  Releasing Attachments   As we venture into the structure and routine found in September, we find comfort in knowing the collective is on a similar page. We return to work, school and life saying goodbye to the carefree, longer days of summer. Returning to a regular schedule and the known brings both reassurance and an […]

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trust spiritual power

Insights: Return to Trust

The spiritual power of trust is seated in the foundation of our practice. Spiritual trust allows us to live with self-assurance and confidence through confusion and/or uncertainty. Trust creates confidence. It destroys uncertainty, doubt and fear. Trusting our meditation practice provides faith that our teachings will support and guide us. We return to meditating to […]

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surrender and acceptance

Insights: Surrender & Acceptance

Is Surrendering Giving Up?  Surrender can have a negative association. It can make you think you are giving up or are a failure. No one wants to be a failure. This is why surrendering feels like you end up on the couch, listless and passive. It may feel like something has destroyed your spirit, your […]

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full sturgeon moon august 2021

Full Moon August 2021

Sturgeon Full Moon August 2021 Also called:  Red Moon, Grain Moon and Green Corn Moon The sturgeon is a strong ancient fish that can live up to 140 years, bringing us inspiration to keep going as we make it through the final weeks of summer.  The summer this year in BC, Canada has seen more […]

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how to let go

Insights: The Joy of Letting Go

How Letting Go Becomes Easy Discover the Joy of Releasing for Peace Letting go continues to be one of the hardest spiritual lessons. Interestingly, letting go of something you don’t want is easier. You experience relief and joy when it’s gone or done. Now what if you could harness that same vibration for letting go […]

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Insights: Harmony for Health

Sound Healing is Harmony for Health Harmony is any pleasant combination, such as sounds, thoughts, feelings, opinions, people or actions that create a rhythm and flow to life. When in harmony with your thoughts and feelings you feel peaceful and connected to everything around you. Where there is harmony there is trust and contentment. Do […]

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empathic healing

Insights: Empathic Anxiety

Why do I feel anxious?  There are different reasons people experience anxiety. But regardless of why someone is anxious, no one wants to losing sleep and worry all the time. This article is not going to make your anxiety disappear. But it may bring clarity to understanding why you  have unexplained anxiety.  The most common […]

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Wildfire relief meditation

Insights: Living In Light

 BC Wildfires – How can I help?  When things come flying at you and it seems there is no end in sight, staying light hearted gets you through with greater ease. It’s amazing how much stronger you feel when despair is replaced with light and love. Even though it may not always feel like it, […]

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