Set Intentions Not resolutions

Insights: Living Large

Living large doesn’t mean living big.  What it means is living your life to the fullest, with intention and purpose.  Your large may be different from my large.  Regardless of the size gratitude is your key. Gratitude is more than a practice.  It nourishes mind, body and soul by counteracting the bias of negativity and […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2022

Let 2021 finish with gratitude May the past be healed with ease and grace As the future you create comes with a new pace To live a balanced life of renewal and trust A life free from the flurry of worry Welcoming happiness and hope Every moment with awe and wonder For anything is possible […]

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Christmas Wishes from Veracis

Happy Holidays

Christmas Wishes For all you have done and been through The universe sees and hears you Offering a blanket of comfort and reassurance Light shines from within your soul into eternity It can be seen in the eyes of children and adults alike In nature, noisy places and in quietude No matter where you are […]

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Manifest with Love

Manifesting with Love

How to Manifest with Love and Trust The Fall Meditation Retreat at Loon Lake started with snow falling as we drove through the forest. Once settled into our rooms the true magic of Manifesting Your Desires started.  The weekend was filled with wonder and meditation, offering personal growth, good food, yoga, and a candle holder […]

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all is calm all is bright meditations

Holiday Spirit

Staying Calm and in the Holiday Spirit December has arrived and so have the holiday festivities! A desire to wait until it was personally appropriate to set out decorations is replaced with a sense of urgency to get everything done. All while enjoying the spirit of the holidays! Staying calm and making spirits bright becomes […]

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The laws of attraction

Be Ready to Respond

The Laws of Attraction In this last week of November, we find our way to  the final class in The Laws of Attraction offered in our Sunday Loving Kindness meditations. Be ready to respond with kindness and love to whatever the universe has sent you. It may not always seem fair or make sense the […]

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Good Karma Scents Aromatherapy

How Aromatherapy Guided Me

How Essential Oils Helped Aromatherapy was a key factor in guiding me on my spiritual journey.  Feeling lost and alone I found myself drawn to the spirit and essence of essential oils. Back in the 90’s there wasn’t much around, but when I did find them I was captivated by how quickly I felt grounded, […]

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Focus on what you Want

Attracting What you Want

Insights: Attracting What You Want How willing are you to see more clearly? The law of attraction is always working to provide you with everything that is in your highest integrity. It may not always be what you think you wanted. Especially those difficult and uncomfortable experiences. I’m certain you will be drawn to those […]

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Be Present

Insights: The Present Moment

The Law of Attraction The Present Moment  The present moment is key to the law of attraction. How present are you during your everyday life? Are there moments when you find yourself daydreaming or drifting only to miss part of a conversation? Are you listening or are you thinking about what to say even before […]

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the law of attraction

The law of Attraction

Weekly Insights: The Law of Attraction Are you attracting what you don’t want into your life? The universal law of attraction basically states you attract whatever you focus on. Sounds pretty simple then to shift your focus on what you want! Unfortunately, the mind processes different outcomes and despite trying to only focus on what […]

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