Forgiveness, Forgive, Forgiving

Insights: The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiving Someone recently shared their thoughts on forgiveness: “Some things I can forgive. Others I can’t. Some are small and easy. Some are big. Forgiving someone who has done something really big that’s caused harm doesn’t seem right. There has to be accountability. “ Do you relate? To be clear, forgiveness does not condone harmful […]

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boundaries, love, spiritual, emotional

Insights: Boundaries

Boundaries of Love Have you ever wondered what it is about boundaries that makes them so hard to pin down? How is it possible to be clear and confident in one area of your life and still find yourself feeling badly about something you did or didn’t do in another area of your life? Boundaries […]

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ease and flow grounding aura meditation

Insights: Embracing Ease

Now’s the Time to Embrace Ease Starting 2021 with Focused Clarity We started the year with Loving Kindness Meditation for intention and focused clarity. We also began the Chakra Journey 7-week series. This series is for everyone who wants to connect and relate to their chakras more confidently. If you missed the first class you […]

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steps to appreciate christmas

Insights: Steps to Appreciate Life

As we each find our way through creative ways to stay connected this Christmas season, I invite you to share appreciation in all we have. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep there are numerous opportunities to be grateful. 5 Steps to Appreciate Life Pause to appreciate everything Try not […]

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Trust, Love, Meditation, Root Chakra

Insights: Trust & Love

Trust and Love the root of your existence Trust is an important part of all relationships, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself. Trust brings out courage and vulnerability at the same time. Trust is a powerful mantra.   When we TRUST we feel SAFE. When we distrust we feel unsafe. Distrust is born […]

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holiday calm meditation

Insights: Holiday Calm

Relaxing into Calm Ready to feel relaxed and calm? I don’t know if you are having a tougher time because you are doing less or doing more. The interesting thing is this isn’t new. There are always times when we are almost stupid busy and times when we’re bored to tears. But regardless of which […]

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accept your potential

Insight: Accept Your Potential

Accept Your Potential It’s time to accept your potential. Inside you are infinite possibilities waiting to be born. You just need to get the shadows out of the way! Doubt, fear, uncertainty, and not believing in your self can be transformed to reveal the inspirational light within at this weekends meditation classes. As the holidays […]

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positive, change,

Insights: 7 Ways to Stay Positive

Staying Positive with Change Now more than ever it is vital we all focus on positivity. Dwelling on what you don’t have, or won’t have feeds negativity. As we approach the holiday season realizing we will be safe in the comfort of our homes we may begin to feel sad and depressed because the way […]

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