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About Full Moon Meditations

Full Moon Meditations

The full moon radiates magnificent light and energy. It supports us in raising positivity and releasing negativity.

Each month, the full moon offers illumination, inspiration and encouragement. Gain clarity, realize your desires and connect with the rhythms of nature.


Wolf Moon – January

Regardless of your beliefs, celebrating the full moon and the beginning of a new year is cause for excitement and gathering.Wolf packs follow ranks and rely on communication to accomplish their goals. They are incredibly expressive creatures, relying not only on vocal communication but body language and eye contact. The full wolf moon brings your awareness to your own instinctual patterns. This moon opens you to discover ways to communicate with those around you as you take a step back to examine your own life so you can speak from the heart.

 Snow Moon – February

The February Full Snow Moon is named by the Native Americans for the large amounts of snowfall. This is a transitional time because the weather is unpredictable. Our ancestors supplies for the long winter would have been running low causing uncertainty. That same uncertain feeling can present itself to any one of us even in modern times.

With the image of a blanket of snow keeping us indoors it’s the perfect time to focus inwards and do some soul searching

Snow moon symbolism
– Release worrisome burdens
– Focus on the opportunities presenting themselves with the promise of longer days and spring
– Love yourself and make plans for your future.
– Let your Creative Muse Shine


Worm Moon – March

Last Full Moon of Winter. Also called the Sap Moon or Crow Moon.

As the Worm Moon is in March, it is usually the last Full Moon before the Spring Equinox which is on March 19, 20, or 21. The spring equinox marks the end of winter, and the start of spring.

The March Full Moon is named after the earthworms that emerge at this time of year because this is the time of year the earth is warming and brings activity from the worms in the soil, followed shortly by the return of the robins, and the planting of crops. It’s time to plant seeds. During the March Full Moon meditation feel the initial kick start of Spring from the core of Mother Earth. Illuminated by the full moon you are called to create order. Like your ancestors, you are awakened to a course of forward momentum.

During this full moon meditation draw on the symbolism of the worm exploring new territory; the seeds you want to plant as you prepare to manifest your dreams.

Pink Moon – April

Also known as Seed Moon or Egg Moon

Named for the boundless wild ground phlox flowers in spring, the Full Pink Moon is a time of gathering and growth. Additionally this moon is so called because of the the explosion of bright beauty found in the phlox (pink) and other flowers rising for the beginning of spring. The seed and egg moon names indicate the sprouting of seeds.

The Full Pink Moon is important because it is used to fix the date of Easter, which is always the Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.
The pink moon releases the most energy on this night and is an opportunity to increase your positive energy. Join us for a calming guided meditation amplifying whatever is happening in your mind, body, and soul.

Flower Moon – May

Also called: Hare Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, and the Milk Moon.

The Flower Moon of May is sometimes referred to as the Corn Planting Moon because this is the time of year corn is ready to plant. This is the time celebrate; to plant flowers and seeds for an abundant tomorrow. The Flower Full Moon creates time for us to blossom, to grow day by day. It is the perfect time to connect with essential oils.

There is a lot of energy coming from the flower full moon, and it’s the perfect time to recharge and place emphasis on yourself while paying attention to your emotional, mental, and physical state.

In general, the full moon symbolizes shining light on our darkest days and illuminating the deepest and darkest corners of ourselves, allowing the light of awareness into the darkest places of ignorance, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. The Flower Moon is here to assist us in shedding our outer skin as a form of renewal. It’s time to open up and bloom, to feel safe in being vulnerable.

Rose Moon – June

Also called Strawberry Moon and Hot Moon

June is the month roses bloom and strawberries are ripe enough to pick. It’s time to stop and smell the roses as their velvety petals open and fill the air with natural scents of perfume. Strawberries are sweet and delicious marking the beginning of a hot summer. June is also the month of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, a time for ceremony and celebration as the sun lingers in the sky and temperatures rise.

During the June full moon meditation we gather to stop and connect with the scents of summer, to celebrate the light and sweetness of being alive. Emotions are generally calmer during this full moon as the school year comes to a close and the promise of summer is just around the corner.

Thunder Moon – July

Also called Full Buck Moon, and Full Hay Moon.

July is known for summer thunder storms, and this is the time of year a buck’s antlers are fully grown.

A summer thunderstorm can bring new clarity and energy into your life. The Full Thunder Moon can be startling and bring attention to something important. The rain that usually follows a thunderstorm is cleansing and cooling in the hot summer. This is the ideal time to absorb inspiration from nature while feeling cleansed, refreshed and energized.

During this full moon meditation we tune into sound for bringing clarity and awareness to our communication space. It’s time to express yourself and to nurture your own rebirth and regeneration.

Sturgeon Moon – August

Also called: Red Moon, Grain Moon and Green Corn Moon.

The Full Sturgeon Moon gets its name from the time of year when this type of fish was caught more easily. The sturgeon is a strong ancient fish that can live up to 140 years, bringing us inspiration to keep going as we make it through the remaining months of the year.

The Sturgeon full Moon offers encouragement to those experiencing difficult times, as the sturgeon fish swims into our lives to prove we are stronger than we realize. This is a time of letting go of that which no longer serves us as we move from survival into thriving.

With this Sturgeon Full Moon, we look at releasing old ‘completed’ friendships, ideals and goals that no longer align with who we are and what we stand for today. In letting go we create space for new friends and new dreams.
We also look at finding balance and the importance of belonging to a community

Corn Moon – August/September

The full corn moon falls in late August or early September. This is not the harvest moon.  The harvest moon is closest to the fall equinox. This is the time to harvest corn.

Harvest Moon – September/October

The Harvest Full moon brings in an abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening, which was a traditional aide to farmers and crews harvesting their summer-grown crops. The seeds planted in the spring are ready for harvesting.

Full harvest Moon Spiritual Meaning
Spiritually, we pause to observe the seeds we planted for our personal and spiritual journey. It is time to celebrate what worked and either revisit what didn’t work, or create a new intention ]

Hunter Moon – October

The hunter moon in October brings our spiritual consciousness to how we use our energy to ‘hunt’ for food, and the things we need to survive the longer, colder, darker months of winter. What does the hunter gatherer feel like to you? Harness the energy of abundance in this celebration of the provider and abundance.

Beaver Moon – November

November’s full moon is named after beavers who build their winter dams at this time of year. This moon evokes emotional connections, making it ideal for cultivating relationships.

Use this time as a reminder to illuminate yourself and bring to light to the feelings you have toward yourself and others.

This is the ideal time to expand loving kindness and harness inner peace.

Winter/Cold Moon – December

The Full Winter/Cold Moon in December is a time of moving inwards as it marks winter’s shorter and colder days.  Interestingly during this busy time of year, you don’t always have time to focus inwards. Emotions can run high as you have either an excess of social events or a lack of invitations that can lead to loneliness.

Regardless of which one you are….this full moon guided meditation class supports you to feel your balanced vibrant self again. Celebrate the full moon to embrace whatever you are feeling, to let go of the old and to welcome a new beginning.