Present Moment Meditation

Insights: Be Present

The first step to listening and silence is to Be Present.

The physical body is always in the present moment. It doesn’t live in the past or the future. However, the mind easily outdistances the body as it takes you into the past or future.

Do you listen to reply or do you listen to hear?

6 Ways to Be Present & Listen

1. Slow down
2. Focus on the breath
3. Make eye contact
4. Express how you feel in the moment
5. Taste your food when eating
6. Commune with nature

Being present captivates the soul in the moment. Everything is crystal clear and pristine. You can hear and feel things on a cellular level. From sounds to sights, everything is exact in time and space. The person you are listening to feels heard and acknowledged.

When you are present you are more efficient and enjoy life even more.

This week, pause and be present throughout the day. When you find yourself completing your reply before someone has finished speaking, take a deep breath and return to BE PRESENT.

Article by Regina Kaiser

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