Benefits of Energy Readings

There are many benefits to energy readings such as receiving respectful guidance, support and understanding for deeper issues in our lives.  Energy reader,  clairvoyant, psychic, intuitive, and medium, are used to refer to different kinds of paranormal extra-sensory experiences.  Here we will use  Energy Reading and Energy Reader.  What kind of Energy Readings do you offer?

To benefit the most from an energy reading we need to be open minded and willing to heal.  Our mind takes  information that we see,  hear, touch, smell and taste, and links it to a past memory.  Before we know it we have spent 5  minutes or longer lost in the past, making a decision in the present moment based on trust or fear.  It depends on the memory and the attachment we have to it.   This information can be a vital link to healing and a spirit energy reading weaves the messages together.

It is healthy to approach any reading with some scepticism, to work with the energy reader by asking questions.  To surrender the self over to an energy reader is as unsafe as holding back with uncertainty – it  creates  a limitation to the reading.

When is the best time to receive an Energy Reading?

Many people wait until they are in a difficult situation, or a crisis to receive an energy reading.  There is a desire to receive an understanding to how to move through their current situation.  An energy reader of integrity will not create something that is not there.  They may read some hard truths that are delivered as honestly and respectfully as possible, not just happy, feel good messages.   An energy reading reveals truth as seen through the eyes of neutrality and respect.

The best time to receive a reading is when you are open minded and willing to receive, ask questions and offer feedback – when you are willing to heal as spirit first.