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Insights: Clearing the Path

You’ve planted your seeds of potential. Now it’s time to clear the path for your potentiality to expand. Having the wind at your back is desired but not always the way things go.

Getting past the obstacles

Maintaining a sense of Ease and Flow helps get through the those obstacles, big and small. Additionally, making peace with the process definitely shifts your own energy and what you are attracting to yourself.

Obstacles come in many forms.

Sudden health, family or financial concerns can quickly derail a soul. These are important concerns but you are likely only pausing at the side of the path until things settle down. Offering encouragement to those who are passing you by.
Other obstacles include not seeing the bigger picture, or giving up too soon. Physical and mental fatigue set in. Self worth thoughts hinder or empower. Consider how your own internal programming gets in the way of achieving your highest potential. Consider the importance of physical health and balanced well-being.

Ask yourself often “Does this thought serve me right now?” If not, discard it!

Clearing the path is the journey of the spiritual warrior who maintains focus on the desired outcome. When you venture into the beautiful, big world there will be paths already created for you. And there are paths that you will be clearing for yourself and those to follow.

Your resilience and fortitude are enhanced by your willingness to be vulnerable.

Clear away negative thoughts and breathe in the promise of a successful outcome.

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Article by Regina Kaiser


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