Insights: Heart & Head

Listen with Your Heart

Ahhh…. how your heart can see and hear!

It is not a secret that your heart is wise and strong beyond measure. The heart centre is located in the centre of the chest representing affinity with self and affinity with others.

Your heart centre will be the first to hear and see you even when life events may not always be quite what you had in mind. You may wonder what it is you need to learn to evolve.

There are moments when you see and hear with your heart, when you feel a connection with the universe. Everyone has these moments. Then, in less than a blink of an eye, the moment is gone and you find yourself lost in your thoughts.

The heart and head have a long-time relationship. Usually you see and listen with your head, not your heart. It is almost a state of survival to process thoughts as they bring a sense of purpose with potential solutions to your current reality. But there is something far more magical and powerful. is your heart.

When you listen and see with your heart a world of indescribable possibilities connects you with all that is and eternal love.
That issue that was going around and around in your head is suddenly far away. A deep sense of calm, compassion and understanding replace the mental chaos. And for a moment you are so peaceful and present that you feel yourself connected with all of existence. Your breath is at one with the universe.

Your heart knows you better than anyone else.

Learn to listen and see with an open heart to experience a world of peace and possibilities.

Quiet your thoughts, still your mind, become one with the universe.

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Regina Kaiser